Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dalek Dishcloth

Project: Dalek Dishcloths
Made for: My friend John
Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth, with modifications
Yarn: Emore Pisgah Peaches & Cream in Silver Grey, Black & Delft Blue
Mods: I had already made the Ballband Dishcloth in Dalek colors (same as above) for us, but I wasn't 100% satisfied. The bumps were too big to be Dalek bumps. So I modified the pattern so that the bumps were only 3 stitiches wide, instead of 5.

Apparently, I didn't modify the pattern enough, because when I gave them to John and told him that they were Dalek dischloths, he still asked, "What makes them Dalek?"

Honestly! Just look:

I mean, I suppose bobbles are more like Dalek bumps, but I didn't think that bobbles would make for good dishcloths.

I was also told by 2 people at the party that the dishcloths were, in fact, pot holders. One kept insisting, even after I worriedly explained that they were too thin (and uninsulated) to be potholders and that using one as such would get you burned.

Also, a couple of months ago, I made some linen hand towels for a friend as a wedding gift. As soon as she got them in the mail, she shot me off an e-mail thinking me for the lovely scarves. I had included an index card with washing instructions that said "Linen hand towels" at the top.

Is it just me? Has anyone else presented someone with a handmade gift that no one got? I felt like a kindergartener who brought home a clay turtle they made in art class only to have Mommy say, "Ooh, an ameoba!"


  1. I learned something today. I had no idea what a Dalek was but I do now. :)

    The towels look beautiful. :)

  2. My grandparents once received a lovely Christmas gift in the mail that they immediately began to use as on their dining room table. They then thanked their son for the beautiful tablecloth, only for him to inform them, "It's a blanket!" Embarrassed, they instantly removed it from the table but never could quite bring themselves to use it as a blanket.


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