Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Green Tea Progress

I've been plugging away at the back of my Green Tea Raglan. I'm about halfway done with it and I'm pretty psyched at how far I've come in just a week.

If I can resist casting on something else before it's done, it should be completely finished in another coupla weeks. It won't be cold enough to wear it any time soon, but I would like to take it on the honeymoon in November, and the sooner it's done, the less likely it is to be left unseamed in the frenzy of wedding planning.

It's not really planning at this point, though. Most of the decisions have been made and it's mostly just a big honking To Do list. Is there a more accurate term for that? Wedding prep? Buying stuff? Thinking about buying stuff? Worrying that I haven't gotten around to buying stuff?

Well, by the time I come up with le mot juste, I'll be moseying down the aisle. So let's just go with Doing Wedding Stuff.

In my continuing effort to subtly beg for comments--any advice on how to make the last coupla months before the day go smoothly? Besides worrying about whether or not I'll grow out my bad haircut from May in time so much that I'm too distracted to worry about anything else.

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