Monday, August 27, 2007

Mabusepalooza Part Deux

Or Part Two, but in German. I dunno. I don't parlez-vous the German.

Anyway, last week, MoMA showed Dr. M, a 1990 french-german-italian "remake" of The Testament of Dr. Mabuse. I don't use air quotes lightly, but here, I think they're merited. It was only a little bit like the original and it was almost completely lacking in cool spy gear, and crimes commited with style and flair. There was a frickin laser, but it only went off once.

As HA put it, there was a much cooler and more interesting movie underneath, trying to get out.

Instead of Dr. Mabuse as a symbol of Hitler, they used the evil mastermind as a symbol of the Berlin Wall. Which came down that year. Thye even had him look directly into the camera and say, "I am the wall!"

Yeah, whatever doc.

Andrew McCarthy was in it for less than 5 minutes as an assassin all hopped up on the drugs. This movie needed much more of that sort fo thing, and much less taking itself seriously.

We've also been listening to the commentray track for the original Mabuse film, Dr. Mabuse the Gambler. 4 hours is a lot of commentary, but it's interesting to place the film in a larger context. Plus, the Fritz Lang scholar who's doing the commentary really seems to get what's so awesome about these films. He even signed off his commentary to the first film by telling us to join him for the second film--"Same Mabuse time, same Mabuse channel." You gotta like that.

I kept at the back of the Green Tea Raglan during the Mabuse. I have about 4 inches now. I'm looking forward to getting the back done, since I want to change the neckline of the front and I figure I'll use the back to help me design the changes to the front.

While I was winding up some of the yarn into center-pull balls, I started to worry that I might run out of yarn. Even though I should have enough to make the optional belt, which I could skip if I had to. Or make with a different dye lot, if it came to that. And I have the world's largest swatch that I could unravel and use.

Maybe I'm worrying about running out because of habit. Or maybe it's traditional. Have any of you ever made a sweater without worrying about running out?

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