Tuesday, August 7, 2007


That's pronounced Ma-boooze-uh-palooza.

His Awesomness is in the middle of trying to watch every DVD released by The Criterion Collection, aided by MoMA, Netflix and our pet DVR. This means that he's as likely to be watching something high falutin as he is to be watching Sponge Bob or Gomer Pyle. (He is a man of great depth and complexity, HA is.)

Sometimes High Falutin means the 3rd Japanese samurai film in as many weeks and sometimes it means the greatness that is The Testament of Dr. Mabuse.

HA caught it on DVR and loved it so much that for his birthday, I bought him the DVD, plus the DVD of the original Mabuse film (Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler) and a couple of lesser sequels that were not made by Fritz Lang. Yes, that Fritz Lang.

We've been watching our way through these movies and, man, there is nothing these films don't have. Dr. Mabuse is an evil, criminal mastermind hypnotist and master of disguise. He's got henchmen, nefarious plans and crazy hypnotist eyes. There are spy gadgets! There's a badass inspector who you just know is going to solve everything in the end because he's just that awesome.

And if that weren't enough, everytime the Inspector's assistant calls out to him, "Kriminal Kommissar," you get to sing, "Don't turn around. Oh. Oh. Oh."

This may just be the perfect movie series.

What's your favorite obscure film?

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  1. I do love me some Mabuse, but don't forget about Mr. Vampire (and its 5 sequels!) for some good cult movie-going!


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