Monday, August 20, 2007

Terrifying Brush with Greatness

Well, celebrity. Well, minor knitting celebrity. But still.

I logged into Ravelry the other day and added a couple of people as Friends. This was after I realized that you didn't actually have to be friends with the person and I wouldn't get chased away for adding someone who didn't know me as a friend.

So I added a couple of designers so I could keep track of their work and Brenda Dayne, because I've been listening to her podcast and some people whose blogs I read. Just a few to get my toes wet.

Then I logged on and discovered that Wendy of Knit and Tonic has added me as a friend right back.


So now, I'm worried that she'll find my post about my Somewhat Cowl sweater and think I was trash talking her pattern, even though I wasn't.

And I'm also crazy overawed and dorking out. Hers was the first knitting blog I read regularly. I don't even remember how I found her in the first place. She was my gateway drug into the knit-blogosphere.

I've knit 4 sweaters for myself and 2 of them were her patterns. And for one of the other 2, I followed her top-down raglan instructions until it was time to separate the sleeves.

Plus, I'm really looking forward to her upcoming book, so I can make more of her designs.

I'm tempted to send her a Ravelry message to let her know how much I like her work, but I'd probably just gush and come across like a crazed stalker.

And then she'd un-friend me like the loser I am.

Must. not. approach. the. cool. kids.

Yes, I was picked on in school, why do you ask?

Then the next day, Kate Gilbert and Brenda Dayne both friended me back too! Gosh, knitters are awesome. And normal, actual people.

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