Sunday, September 2, 2007

Calamari Yarn Victory!

Holy cow, it's finished!

Just look at that thing. It's bigger than my head, see?

Ignore the messy apartment. Who has time to clean when you're making a giant ball of calamari yarn?

Over a year ago, when I was purging my wardrobe of things that were way too big for me anymore, I kept all the old t-shirts instead of taking them to the Salvation Army like the rest of the stuff. I wasn't really sure how much use anyone would get out of old, solid color, long-sleeve t-shirts. I wore them to the office and I suppose someone else could've, but once cotton jersey gets old, it don't look pretty.

I don't remember if I had gotten Mason-Dixon Knitting yet, or if I'd just had a vague idea that I could do something with the old shirts. But after taking them with me when I moved, and after months of telling His Awesomeness that I was going to do it, I realized that I was actually going to have to do it, or end up living with someone who always kinda suspected that I wasn't going to do it.

So in fits and starts, I've cut some of the shirts into loops, tied them all together and turned them into a big ball o' yarn. There are more shirts untouched, but I decided just to use the blues and purples, plus the grays and whites for now.

As soon as I can bear the thought of the ball no longer being bigger than my head, I'll start turning it into a rug. I'm thinking of a little rug to put my the kitchen sink so I'll have something cushy to stand on.

That's really the part that HA suspects that I'm never going to finish. So I so totally am gonna.

That'll show him.

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  1. Mmm! I knew I was keeping my old t-shirts for some reason. I have a rug from Pier One that is made of strips of recycled cotton jersey. But a crocheted/knitted one would be just as divine! (I think it would have to be crocheted because it was get so freakin' heavy on knitting needles.)


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