Monday, September 3, 2007

A Day at the Museum

On Labor Day, HA and I went to the American Museum of Natural History. Since I'm from NYC, I've been there countless times, but this was only HA's second trip. We tried to do as much of it as possible, but one day just isn't enough, expecially if you're going to go to the special exhibits, and see the IMAX film and the planetarium film.

It helps if you just wander though the exhibits, not trying to take in too much, and pointing out things that Teddy Roosevelt shot.


Teddy Roosevelt shot that big aqua-saur.

Teedy Roosevelt shot that giant dino-turtle.

Teddy Roosevelt shot that big tree.

We actually skipped the dioramas with the animals that somebody (probably Teddy Roosevelt) shot. We saw those last time and there was a lot of ground to cover.

Here's HA with his friend, the Easter Island exchange student.

You see, you go there enough times and you stop caring about what these things actually are and you're just looking for the cool stuff you saw there on school trips as a kid. I was at least as excited to see the sign for the School Lunchroom as I was to see the big tree slice.

There's also a certain amount of wading the stream of consciousness.

Like, don't these mastadons look like Snow Miser?

And this fish totally made me think of doing fish prints.

At a fundraiser years ago, my mom set up the craft table and had the great idea to have the kids do fish prints. And then she decided that she needed it to be my job. If you've never done fish prints, what it is, is you brush paint onto a dead fish, put a piece of paper over it, and run a roller over the whole thing so you get a painted inpression of the fish. And then some kid presses too hard and guts squish out.

Thanks, Mom.

And this is the Squid and the Whale mentioned in the movie, The Squid and the Whale.

I had never noticed them before I saw the movie. Noah Baumbach's dad was one of my professors in grad school, so it was kinda weird to see a movie about something that in real life, is really none of my damn business. Great movie, totally recommend it. There's a scene where the parents are talking to the prinicpal of their kid's school and there's a man sitting in the background for no good reason. That's Noah Baumbach's dad. Everone else in the theater was silent and I was jabbing HA in the ribs whispering, "That's him!"

Things I learned today:
1. It only took a month for the moon to form.
2. When our galaxy collides with the Andromeda galaxy billyuns and billyuns of years from now, the planets and suns won't collide, but the dust and gases will, forming one new big galaxy.
3. Going through the special Frogs exhibit will make you hate:
a. Other People's Kids, for shoving in front of anyone between them and what they want to see, including Other People's Well Behaved Kids.
b. Other People, for allowing such behavior
c. Frogs, just for being there
d. the museum, for saying that there are over 200 frogs in the exhibit when we only counted less than 100.

Now, for every kid who needed to learn to wait their turn, there were 10 others who ranged from non-annoying to downright adorable. But seriously, people. It's a crowded city--teach your kids how to get along with the other 19 million of us.

But here, look at the frogs.

Frogs are cute.

If you're in the area, I'd recommend going before the Mythical Creatures Exhibit closes. Give yourself more than an hour for that one, and try to go earlier in the day when it's less crowded.

And if you do see the frogs, don't miss the frog cam. There are 3 little podium-type things set up around one of the big tanks and you can control a camera to look at the frogs up close.

Here's a pciture HA took of the screen:

Good stuff.

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