Monday, September 3, 2007

Green Tea Progress

I've finished both sleeves and the back. I threw them in the wash so they'd shrink the same as the swatch. Both before and after washing, the back looks too long and as if the armholes are going to be huge.

Since this has knit up so quickly, I've decided that I'm going to finish the front and then baste the whole thing together to see how it looks. Then I will:

1. decide that nature doesn't intend for me to wear raglan sleeves, and begin a quest to find someone the sweater would look good on.


2. figure out what needs to change, unravel it and start over.
2a. consider accepting that I'm just going to have to knit every sweater I make twice, and then rejoicing in how economical it is to pay for one sweater's-worth of yarn and get 2 sweaters'-worth of knitting out of it.


3. figure out what needs to change, take notes and leave the sweater to sit in a bag and think about what it's done.

4. go back to trying to learn to crochet. Those little amigurami toys look cute no matter what size they end up being.

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