Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Motherfrakking Lying Swatch!

Remember the most giantest swatch ever? The little fucker has betrayed me.

I know, I know, swatches lie. But I made it so big. I washed it. Not actually according to the manfacturer's instructions, but I washed it.

It told me that a size 7 needle would get me 9 stitches for every 2 inches in seed stitch. Exactly the gauge I needed. So I used size 7 needles and did the whole back and made a good start on the front.

It occurred to me today to check the gauge right after it occurred to me that I should've considered making this sweater with negative ease.

So I measured the back of the sweater, off the needles and washed. 8 stitches to 2 inches. 8 motherfrakking stitches, not 9.

The bastard.

The front, still on the needles and unwashed is getting 8ish stitches to 2 inches. Maybe 8.5.

The freaking non-machine washable yarn didn't shrink in the washine machine and dryer. It bloomed.

I was about to take a picture of the swatch with the ruler so you could see, but I had some trouble getting the shot and quite frankly, the little bugger doesn't deserve another fifteen minutes of fame.

My extra swatch (made with 2 even smaller needle sizes just in case) seems to say that I should go with the size 5. Since I haven't washed that one, I'll have to wait to wash it and see how that goes.

Or, more likely, I'll refuse to trust that swatch and go with my original plan--make a different size body than the sleeves. Because, oh yeah, the sleeves (in stockinette stitch) are getting the right gauge.

My initial suspicions are confirmed--I have the loosest seed stitch in the history of ever. Something tells me that I could knit a swatch with the same yarn on size 0s and still get 8 stitches to the inch.


  1. Oh no! Horrid lying thing! I'm sure you'll manage to rescue the project notwithstanding...
    PS- I followed you over from your comment on my Wonder Woman jumper- thanks!!

  2. You deserve a large margarita! And a night of chick flicks...maybe I'm talking about me. hee hee.

    Seriously though you have my total sympathy. Complete bummer.


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