Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movie Knitting

I know a lot of knitters like to go at it in the movie theater. I've done it while the pre-previews are on and I've been known to finish a row during the previews proper, but once the movie starts, the needles go away. I've just paid $11 to see this movie and I'm not going to be distracted by having to fiddle with my row counter.

Mind you, I have no kids at the moment. Once I've reproduced and have to take the kid to some Olsen Twins film, or whatever, I will be knitting. Preferably something complicated to save me from having to pay attention to the movie.

But for now, not so much. And it turns out that this is a good thing. Tonight, I went with a friend to see December Boys. I brought my knitting along, thinking I'd get some done during the pre-previews like usual. Because I've been such a nervous wreck over all the wedding stuff that has to get done and I thought my knitting would soothe me. Well, we only got there 5 minutes before the previews and we were talking, so I didn't bother. I sat through the entire movie not knitting. Unlike at home, where if the TV is on, and I'm sitting in front of it, there is knitting happening. Even though HA makes a move to hold my hand every time I put down the pointy sticks, I think he'd be surprised if I just sat there watching TV and doing nothing else.

I have to admit that spending 105 minutes focusing my full attention on yummy little Daniel Radcliffe and his fellow orphans was the most relaxing thing I've done in at least a week. I may need to try this while watching TV in this next couple of months while I'm losing my mind.

Seriously--I discovered last night at my first dress fitting that I'm going to need silver shoes to go with this thing. I looked on Zappos, searched online, and even considered buying a pair of leather shoes and then spray painting them silver. It took someone else to suggest that I look for actual ballroom dancing shoes, which are likely to come in silver. I've been going to the Fred Fucking Astaire Dance Studio* twice a week for several weeks. But it never occurred to me to try actual dancing shoes.

This is going to start being fun again. I know it. I've been tackling the wedding to do list (aka the Martha Stewart Project Plan, which comes free in all the bridal magazines) in bursts. I coast along for a couple of weeks having fun, and then I begin to fear the list and the number of unchecked-off items and I get all bad ass and do a bunch of stuff and get on HA to get on the stuff I asked him to take of 2 weeks earlier. And then when I feel I've tamed the list, I can relax again.

Maybe I'll start enjoying myself again next week. If I can squeeze it into my schedule.

*Not actual name of dance studio

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  1. I wore dancing shoes (cream/off-white) to my wedding, and they were the perfect choice for me. I am not a high-heel wearer and thought it would be a bad idea to try on my wedding day (I probably would have fallen down...repeatedly). The dancing shoes were simple, inexpensive, reusable (I love to dance!), and so very comfortable!

    Good luck finding a pair that's just right for you!


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