Sunday, September 9, 2007

Not Knitting

That's what I spent my time doing for most of last week.

I've always boggled when someone blogs that they haven't gotten much knitting done. Did they spend their TV watching time with their hands folded in their lap? They didn't pick up their knitting for even a few minutes? Was there nowhere they could bring their knitting along?

Well, Wednesday, I had to frog the back of the Green Tea Raglan, so I only got a few rows done that night. Thursday, I went to Macy's to shop for the shapewear I'll have on under my wedding dress.

(Digression--most traditional style wedding dresses have a corset built in. The dress I'm having made won't accommodate anything built-in. My initial trip to Boomie's got me some Spanx that go up to just under my bra. It does wonders for me, but upon consideration and consultation with friends and my dressmaker, I realized that it wasn't going to work with the dress. The waist of the dress won't be roomy enough for me to be able to get this thing down so I can drop trou and use the euphemism during the course of the day. So I went to Macy's, collected about a dozen candidates and went into the dressing room. I left a while later and got another dozen. The very last one in that batch is the one. It does everything I need it to and still no unsightly back fat spilling out over the top. And thanks to the miracle of Lycra and the lack of boning, it's comfortable. I almost wept with joy and relief.)

So I didn't get home until about 10:15 on Thursday. So just a few more rows.

Friday, we had our first dance lesson at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. We had a great time and after our first 30 minute introductory lesson, it was ridiculously clear that we needed to go for the 10-class package. Our song is "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson, which I first heard on Cast On. We're told that it's a rumba. So we were taught the fox trot and the box step, which are not old fogey dances, but just 6-step combinations so we can move aroun dteh dance floor insted of just hugging and swaying musically. There was a lot of bumping into each other and getting stepped on. I really need to learn to follow instead of just putting my foot where I think it's supposed to be and discovering that I've just put my foot directly under HA's foot.

We went out to dinner afterwards and didn't get home until after 10. A few more rows.

So now I get it.

The bad air quality in NYC on Saturday had me in the bedroom with the AC on for most of the afternoon, nursing a sinus headache. I've made it to the waist and I'm heading into the increases. Illness = knitting progress. Truth be told, when I knitted the back the first time, I had a cold and logged a lot of couch/knitting time. So that's why it flew together.

While I was basking in the AC, I caught up on my DVR's backlog of Knitty Gritty. There was an episode in March or April about knitting math and getting the right fit. If I had stayed on top of watching new episodes, I would've seen this already and my second attempt at the Somewhat Cowl would've fit much better. The guest suggests that when you're knitting a top-down raglan, you should try to wrap the sleeve stitches around your arm to see if they go all the way around. If yes, then it's time to separate the sleeves and start the body. I had just been paying attention to the raglan seam measurement and ending up with something too big. Every time. I'm really looking forward to trying this technique with another top-down raglan.

The yarn from the frogged back of Green Tea is drying now. I wasn't going to wet it to get out the kinks, since my virtuous swatching behavior was not rewarded. But then I saw how kinky it was, so I went for it.

I fully expect to be bitten in the ass for that somehow. I'm almost looking forward to the surprise.

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