Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not So Fast

This morning as I was leaving for work, I realized that I was thisclose to being done with the front of the Green Tea Raglan. A couple more rows and I'd be starting the neckline shaping (my own personal mod, tutorial to come in case anyone finds it useful). I rejoiced at my almost-doneness when I realized that I still have the belt to knit. And I'm going to have to have the belt to break up the huge expanse of seed stitch so that I don't look ginormous when wearing it.

But the belt should come together quickly, so I'm still almost done! I've already done the math to start the Slant Neck Pullover (I'm using the same yarn as the green tea, and since the required gauge is different, I'm just making a smaller size) so I can cast that on soon too.

And as of this writing, after a couple of hours knitting in front of the telly, I'm just a few rows from being finished with the front. Then I'll start the belt and I'll be thisclose to finished again.

I am so only going to have to knit my next sweater once. I may be smited for saying that, but if it doesn't fit me after the first try, I'll just have to find someone who it does fit. Or cinch it with a kicky belt or something.

Yeah, I know. Another post without pictures. Well, here's a cell phone picture of the butterfly HA made for me in my old bathroom from Gel Gems.

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