Sunday, September 30, 2007


I laughed so hard about the Old Navy commercial yesterday that I gave myself a headache. To help me get over the headache, I took Nyquil last night. I slept until 11 AM this morning (HA says he kept checking to make sure I was still breathing) and had a dream about trying to get to work and being twarted by the non-arrival of the subway and the attempted kidnapping of myself and my companion by an evil couple who wanted to make us be their servants. My companion was sometimes my friend Andrea and sometimes Lady Marjorie's maid from Upstairs, Downstairs. When I woke up, I couldn't remember the character's name and couldn't make breakfast until I had looked it up online. Don't drive yourself crazy--it's Maude Roberts.

The sleeves to Green Tea Raglan are being blocked and I'm making good progress on the first sleeve of the Slanted Neck Pullover. The sleeve was annoying me a little bit yesterday, possibly because of my headache. Or maybe because knitting 2 sweaters in a row feels repetitive and tedious. But smaller projects tend to require more thinking and I wasn't quite up to that.

But the Green Tea will definitely be done by the wedding (even if I decide it's too long and I need to frog some rows at the bottom), and if I get the Slanted Neck Pullover right the first time, it might be done too.

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  1. Oh my god, don't you love have people in dreams change, but to you they are the same person? That always happens in my dreams. Like, it will start out as my neighbor, then it's my boss--but it's still my neighbor just with my boss' body and voice. And somehow your brain is like, "sure, this person just changed into another person. But I know it's really supposed to be So-and-so." crazy stuff.


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