Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Starting to Have Fun Again

Now that last's week's frenzy of getting wedding stuff done is winding down, I'm actually smiling again. Although, whenever anyone asks me how soon the wedding is, I get a crazed look on my face and can tell them how many days exactly.

(I feel like I shouldn't be advertising the exact date of the wedding in case someone decides to break into the apartment because they think it will be empty while we're on the honeymoon. But it won't be. We've got houseguests and housesitters galore and among their number will be a born-again christian minister, so any burglars will get smited. Or shot. You can never tell with out-of-towners.)

Anyway, things are pretty under control at the moment, which is good because I hit the wall over the weekend and could barely get off the couch. Silver shoes have been ordered and will be stretched by my favorite shoe repair guy (who tells me that stretching is easier/more reliable than dyeing, so that's the way I'm going). The regrowing of the hair following this summer's bad haircut is proceeding nicely.

Even dance lessons are getting fun again. I was so stressed out last week, that every time I made a mistake, I got grumpy. Apparently, when I say that I think it's good for people to do things they're not good at, I don't actually mean me.

Last night, I childishly admitted that I like it when we make a mistake that's HA's fault and not mine. And I whined that I hate it when it's my fault. And we all laughed and quick-quick-slowed our way to a snazzy new move.

Plus, today is Jerry Juhl Day. He was a muppeteer who wanted to be honored on the day of his death by people doing silly things. When I got HA's e-mail about it (because he was in the next room), I shouted, "Time for Bunny Kisses!", bunny hopped over to him and made puckery bunny lips at him. Since I seem to have made up the entire routine on the spot, I must have been filled with the spirit of the day.

HA reports that he hasn't done anything silly today besides bunny kiss me, which doesn't count since that was me. The day ain't over yet and I exect to be pelted with silliness at any moment.

Just when things are at their darkest, we are saved by the Muppets.

In honor of the day, here's a picture of my first Valentine's gift from HA. He's only allowed to give me chocolate now.

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