Monday, September 24, 2007

Surrender to Destiny

When Rabbitch started collecting washcloths to take to her local women's shelter, I thought, "Oh, yeah, good idea. Maybe I'll do one, but probably not because of the whole not taking on even more stuff to do because of the wedding thing.

And then I saw that someone had made one using the same colors (Scroll down to September 10) as my Dalek Dishcloths.

Then I saw someone had made many dishcloths using the same yarn (September 15 this time) I used for the Pinwheel Baby Blanket.

Clearly, the universe was telling me that it wanted me to knit some washcloths. So, since I was sick of the Green Tea Raglan (or was what the kids call "contemplating hurting someone if I had to do any more seed stitch"), I whipped up 3 washcloths. Working on and off, it took me about a week or so.

See how pretty?

And from up close, doesn't it look like a majestic stack o' washcloths?

Yes, that is a Yoda Furby on the shelf way back on the left. Thanks so much for asking. And the candle on the right is blocking your view of my Sigmund the Sea Monster.

Oh, and Green Tea Raglan? Well, after 3 washcloths and almost an entire Fetching, I can face seed stitch again and I have a good head of steam going. Here's a picture of the back:

The back is actually finished now, and the front is about to that point. I fully expect my project bag to be struck by lightening at this point. Then again, maybe I appeased the gods with the washcloths and they'll lift the curse they have lain upon this sweater.

Oh, and look? What is that?

Can it be?

Well, whaddya know? Another Finished Object!

This is a baby blanket for my friend's baby son. I started it in May and finished it in August.
Yarn: Lily Elite Cotton in Peach & Yellow
Needles: Size 8 Denises
Pattern: I just did the Open Chevron Stitch Pattern from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 1 with a garter stitch border. I put it aside for a awhile because it's so big that I began to fear that I'd be doing that stitch pattern for the rest of my natural existence. And then the baby was born and I had to get back to it. Fortunately, they live in Florida, so they still won't be needing it quite yet.

I was waiting until I sent it off to blog about it, and then I wanted to give it enough time to get there and then I got so overwhelmed with wedding stuff that I couldn't even deal with blogging without hyperventilating (I know!). So here ya go. One big post. Lots of pictures. Pictures of yarny stuff even.

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