Monday, October 29, 2007

Bird on Fire Escape, in Silhouette

I don't want to peek through the shade, and possibly scare it off, but it's probably a pigeon. Hanging out and grooming itself.

Which I guess is pretty much how I'm expected to be spending this week. HA and I finished the seating chart last night. I have to do the little cards that tell people what table they're at. There's a few more things like that on the Martha Stewart Project Plan.

But since I was so hyper and took care of things as early as possible, a lot of my To Dos this weeks are things like:
-Give self Facial
-Get nails done
-use pore strip on nose

There are a lot of non-primping activities on the list, but since we're spending a lot on the photographer and, as everyone keeps reminding me, wedding pictures are forever, it is of Critical Importance that I look as good as I possibly can. Getting a mani pedi this week is such an Urgent Matter that I can't possibly just file them myself and put it off for another week or two. Which is usually a perfectly viable option for me.

I mean, I probably had a Very Important Manicure before the prom and I can remember getting my nails painted red before an occasion in my 20s, but for me, the nail salon is where I go because it's sandal season and I don't want my feet to look hideous.

So, staying home and preening--new experience for me.

When I was job hunting at the beginning of this year, I made it clear to recruiters that I would need the week after the wedding off for the honeymoon and half the week before to do all the last minute preparations. And if that meant not getting paid for those days because I was new and hadn't earned enough vacation days, well, that was OK. Well, the third-party recruiter who got me the job that I ended up taking insisted that I needed the entire week before the wedding off and it turned out that I would earn enough vacation days to do it, so I found myself looking at 2 whole weeks off. In a row.

The last time I was off for 2 whole weeks in a row, it was time off between jobs after getting laid off during the dot com crash. I got laid off on a Monday, had several interviews and meetings with recruiters by Friday and had a job offer by the following Tuesday. But my 30th birthday was looming and I decided that I wanted some time off--to enjoy it, wrap my mind around the idea. So I lived off my severance for a couple of weeks and relaxed.

Real, actual 2 week long vacations to South America, or wherever, is for big, fancy executives who get 5 weeks time off a year. At my last job, most of us got 3 and a half weeks off per year. Hardly any of the worker bees scheduled more than a week at a time. Why that might be is for another rambling babble.

So here I am in my 2 weeks, but with all the pre-wedding activities and cleaning the apartment before the housesitters arrive, Week #1 isn't expected to be especially relaxing.

Well, the pre-wedding activities and the job hunting.

um, yeah.

Did you catch that clumsy foreshadowing back there? Yeah, I got laid off last Thursday.

9 days before the wedding.

I knew all the stress and excitement would really get ramped up once the countdown got to single digits. But Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Let's recap the major events/stressors of this year, shall we?
1. moved
2. started new job
3. planning wedding/getting married
4. losing job
5. starting new job #2 (hopefully this year)

Not looking to vent or go into details. Just needed to share the absurdity of the situation. And yes, I have to do some job hunting this week so that I can stop my mind racing about it and focus on the wedding. You'd think that after 5 years of doing yoga, I'd be able to put things out of my mind at will. Not so much.

To Do
-get nails done
-apply for unemployment
-use pore strip
-call recruiters


  1. Oh gosh, that's big news. So sorry to hear about the job loss. That's never fun--and certainly not something you need right now as you're on the verge of getting married.

    Then again, maybe this joblessness right before marriage is just part of a great big "reset" in your life. Getting married is a new starting point, right? So the job stuff can be new for you, too (after the honeymoon, of course).

    Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks. That's very kind of you to say. I'll respond more post-weddingpost-honeymoon when I'm more capable of forming complete sentences.


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