Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Pattern: Fetching from Knitty.com
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Ocean
Started: 9/16/07
Finished: 10/14/07
Mods: I did what Purl Diva did. Scroll down to March 19. I'm very happy that I was a big copycat. I liked the mods a lot.
Needles: whatever size Purl Diva used. Size 5, I believe. I used DPNs from Comfort Zone Needles. These DPNs are fantastic. Nice and bendy/whippy. They have a little drag to keep your stitches from falling off. Very easy on the hands.
Notes: I would've finished them sooner, but the bind off on the right one was too tight and I had to re-do it. Twice. After the 2nd binding off, I had to set it aside until I could face picking out the bind off. Again.

I wore them yesterday morning on the way to work because my wrists were just the teensiest bit chilly. They're very comfy and I can see why the pattern is so popular.

Oh, and this was my first cabling project. I used a size 4 DPN as a cable needle and found the whole thing so easy and straightforward that I couldn't believe I'd been such a wuss. Of course, after this baby blankie with the traveling stitches, in nice, slippery cotton, of course cabling was a piece of cake.

HA hasn't yet developed the yarn photography skills of HWWV, but he's learning. Or maybe HA is just caught up in the pre-newlywed thing--that first picture is a good one of ME, even if it doesn't show the gloves too well.

You don't really need to see clear close-ups of Fetching anyway. 1,547 people on Ravelry have made or are making this project, so you can better pictures on their blogs. Go google if you really care.

I feel like I should be funnier, but I'm wiped. I'm just going to go hit the couch and do some of that knitting stuff so I have more stuff to blog about.

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