Monday, October 15, 2007

I Won! I Won!

I received my prize package this weekend from Marsha's blog contest.

I feel very honored that her little girl randomly picked my name out of the bowl.

Blogger doesn't want to let me upload a picture (Update: Fixed now, sort of!), so you'll have to go on and have a look at the prizes on Marsha's blog. Until I can get the picture uploaded, you'll also have to imagine a lovely notecard that contained a lovely note.

I now have all the things I'll need to survive on a desert island. I have a little book (which I've been wanting to get since she mentioned it), some shea butter soap (which I'm just itching to use), an optimism ball (which is going right on the keychain), green tea (which is going to the office), Icelandic chocolate (which I'm resisting for the moment due to my Jabba the bride fears. If I find myself on Saturday with some WW Points to spare, that candy bar will not stand a chance.).

The package also contains a tube of lip balm, which would do me a world of good on a desert island. Except that it contains honey, which I'm allergic to. And I can't give it to HA because if he put it on and then kissed me, I'd have to go for the Benedryl anyway!

(What a lame allergy I have. I'm on 2 kinds of allergy medicine for my hay fever and I can still get difficulty breathing from freaking Teddy Grahams, or just feel kinda yucky all day after drinking a chai latte. Plus, it's not one of the big allergens, so I feel like an idiot every time I ask in a restaurant if something contains honey. Think they'd always mention it? We once went to a restaurant where they gave us bread and honey butter. HA had some first, so it was OK, but why would they even think to mention it? Who's allergic to honey?! Although, really, honey is made by bees, who hang out with pollen, kinda makes sense. One of my cousins is allergic to black pepper. So she wins on the lame allergy contest. Wow, that's a whole lotta babbling. I must be sleepy.)

But my allergy is your gain! This super natural lip balm is going into a prize package of my own! After the wedding, I'll have a contest of some sort and the prize will include lip balm, and probably some cool stuff I pick up in Paris on the honeymoon. Maybe I'll do a travel theme--pick up some Toblerone at the airport, that sort of thing.

Watch this space!

And thanks for the awesome presents Marsha!!!

Updated to add link to my entry in the contest.


  1. I'm so glad you liked the package--and very sorry about the honey allergy! Phooey.

    I have some hay fever allergy, too (albeit of the mild, doesn't-require-medication kind), and I read somewhere that eating local honey can help with that sort of thing. The idea is that you're ingesting tiny amounts of the local pollen that make you sick, so your body builds up more tolerance to it.

    I do eat local honey, but since my allergy isn't that bad, I haven't noticed any changes. I'm wondering if this technique might help you--or is the honey allergy just too strong?

  2. Oh--I forgot to comment on your honeymoon in Paris! Lucky lucky you! Have you ever been there before? It's one of my favorite places in the world. I hope you have a great time!

  3. Yes! I spent a semester in Paris in college and I've been back twice
    since. It'll be my fiance's first time. We're really looking forward
    to it. I even e-mailed Kate Gilbert asking where I should go to buy
    some yarn!

    I'm not sure about the local honey--it would probably be a good idea
    to check with an allergist before trying that. It's definitely
    something to think about before next pollen season.

    How many times have you been to Paris?

  4. I've been to Paris twice. I studied at a Swiss university for a year, and spent some time in Paris during my two-month-long spring break.

    My last trip there was in May 2003, when my husband (who'd never been there before) and I went for eight days after spending a week visiting his relatives in the Netherlands. We both traveled light (we each had one carry-on-sized backpack--I loved being so minimalist!) but decided we were both a bit too old for the youth hostels and divey hotels I'd stayed in on my previous visit.

    So we rented an efficiency apartment in a residential area about two blocks from Les Invalides. We loved being able to shop at the outdoor markets and actually cook our own dinners (which saved a lot of money!).

    The next time we go to Paris (when our daughter is old enough to enjoy the trip), we'll probably rent another apartment. Unless we're filthy stinking rich--in which case we'll stay in the most luxe place we can find. :)

    Have a fabulous time there! (Let's hope the city metro strike is over by the time you get there! If not...well...Paris is a very walkable city! Heh.)


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