Friday, October 12, 2007

Losing My Mind

Apparently, this is perfectly normal so close to the wedding. All my married friends nod knowingly whenever I mention how my brain is broken, so I guess it's nothign out of the ordinary.

For several weeks now, I've felt a little manic-depressive--either happily blissed out or filled with rage over somthing stupid (like when His Awesomeness hard boiled an egg incorrectly (i.e. not the way I would do it)).

His continuing willingness to marry me is proof of His Awesomeness' Awesomeness.

But wait, there's more!

The night before last I had a dream where the photographer was setting up a picture of me & HA, lying down, with our heads on pillows. And 2 large bugs or small critters were supposed to run into the shot from opposite sides and meet right over our heads and kiss each other. Apparently, I had some very serious logistical concern about this, started talking in my sleep and woke HA up (still in my sleep) to ask him about it. I finally woke up enough to realize I was babbling and told him nevermind.

So when I saw a link the sanity test on Adrienne Martini's blog, I thought it might be a good idea to take the test. You know, just to see how far gone I actually am.

On a scale of 0 to 288, I scored a 42. According to the site:
Based upon your answers, you appear to be in good mental health. Congratulations!

Good to know.

Although, why they would choose to tell someone their BMI when the person could have food or body image issues is beyond me. In their words:

Your body mass index suggests you may also be dealing with obesity as an ongoing life issue.

Oh, really? Thanks so much for telling me, Sanity Test People. I hadn't noticed that what with all the losing and re-losing weight I've been doing since I was about 6. So good of you to enlighten me.

I know I still haven't managed to re-lose those 20 pounds I wanted to and will need someone to photoshop my double chin out of the wedding pictures so I don't look like Jabba the Bride. Now go away, Sanity Test People, before I start taking out some of my pre-marital stress on your ass.

I mean, honestly, people! Just go poke an irritated grizzly bear while you're at it.

But, as I noticed while taking the test, there are many problems out there that I don't have, so there is that.

Maybe I'll retake the test post-nuptually and see how much better I do on the anxiety score.


I need a cookie.

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