Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Babbling

Just a little prattling to tide us over until I can come up with something more substantial. I have a couple of big posts planned, but I need to actually do some things and take pictures of them before I can write the posts.

The Green Tea Raglan has yet to seam itself (as far as I know--I've only managed to glance at the pieces or the bags containing them). Once that's done, I'll have some showing off to do, plus the details on how I changed the neckline.

I'll also be shortening the sleeves on a sweater a friend of mine bought on sale. I'll be documenting the surgery as soon as I can get to it.

It's never a good idea to do any sweater finishing, or unraveling and re-knitting, when distracted, stressed out, and similar. And the wedding is in less than a month, so that's where I'm at most of the time. I'm hoping to get to it all this weekend.

I'm actually looking forward to sitting down, taking a deep breath and tackling those sleeves. I know what I have to do to get decent results and it'll be good for me to focus on somethign besides how stressed I am.

The Green Tea seaming, not so much with the looking forward to it. I suspect that I'll be ripping out several rows at the bottom because of my blatant disregard for the differences in row gauge I was getting. I can handle this, but not without time for a lie down and a nice glass of wine during the process. It'll be easy to do, but I've had enough do-overs with this one.

Plus, I totally would've used the suggested yarn from the pattern if I could've found it. I couldn't find it online and I'm wasn't about to start calling LYSs to see if they carry it. Though now that I think about it, one call to Seaport Yarns probably would've done the trick.

But still! It's not my fault I didn't use the suggested yarn. It's not fair for me to have to think about row gauge!

See? This is why I'll need a drink and possibly some chocolate as well. I've been betrayed by string. The human mind should not have to deal with this sort of thing.

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