Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Happiness of Strangers

I have massive amounts of storytelling to do, but before I unpack my adjectives, I have to get all the pictures organized, get my head together, find the time to sit down and write instead of doing the job hunting thing, etc.

So here's a quick picture to tide you over:

And now 2 little anecdotes from the wedding day that I hope to always keep in my pocket and pull out to cheer me up on bad days.

OK, so we got married here. As you can see, it's very open, and people coming and going peek in through the windows whenever they have something going on. The spot where I lined up with my attendants before we made our big entrance is visible to the steps leading down from the street into this little plaza that has some shops and an entrance to the subway.

While the entrance music was playing, I saw 2 couples, probably in their 20s walking down into the subway. I even heard one of the women exclaim that she liked my dress. Shen then walked down the steps towards the big, glass doors and throwing her arms open, shouted, "Congratulations!"

I mouthed, "Thank you!" and waved back.

I might've felt some last minute panic when it was time to start walking (as I am wont to do), but instead, I was smiling and happy that some random person was happy for me.

Ceremony happened, I'll tell you all about that later and then on to the receiving line, which literally went too quickly. It was a blur, as I expected, but it took so much less time than we had planned on, that Mike & I just hung out in the sanctuary for a while before making our exit so that people didn't start showing up at the reception too early.

I shook the hand of one tall man and just assumed that he was some out of towner connected to His Awesomeness. But no, the gentleman was a visiting pastor from Denmark and took the time to wait in line with my rabid relatives just to tell us that it was his first American wedding and to say congratulations in Danish.

According to Freelang.net, the word is tillykke, but I have no idea if that's what he said, because, you know, blur.

But, wow. I didn't realize which relatives hadn't made it to the ceremony (work, etc.) until they turned up at the reception and I realized that I hadn't seen them. But a random Lutheran pastor who was there because he just thought it would be nice--him I remembered.

Never pass up the chance to be kind and friendly to a stranger. Compliment that lady's shoes, stuff like that. Our friends and family have to be nice to us. It's cool when other people do it too.


  1. I love that photo! You both look terribly happy--as you should!

    Your dress is indeed beautiful--as is the church. And I loved reading your stories about the kindness of strangers.

    A friend of mine got married in Manhattan three and a half years ago, and I was one of her four bridesmaids. As a gift, she purchased our dresses (which was nice, because she chose rather expensive attire for us), and when I was walking around the reception site (hotel), a number of people commented to me about how nice it looked. Not quite the same as your story--partly because I wasn't the bride!--but gosh, it is nice when you get all gussied up and you hear something nice from someone who isn't "expected" to tell you you look nice!

    Congratulations again!

  2. You both look smashing!! Congrats to you both!!! :)xsulzuax


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