Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Just Saw Michael Palin's Jumblies

So His Awesomeness and I are fans of Michael Palin's travelogues, going way back to Around the World in 80 Days. We even both own copies of the companion book.

We haven't seen all of his travel shows, so we've been buying them up and making our way through them. Today, while we had lunch (the last of the turkey, stuffing, gravy leftover extravaganza), we watched Episode 2 of Pole to Pole. Now in Episode 1, we saw Michael Palin's tushie as he left a traditional scandinavian sauna and skinny dipped in a lake. He took great pains not to show more than that to the camera.

So imagine my surprise, when about to be treated to a mud bath in a Ukrainian spa, he emerged from the dressing room completely starkers! Eek! I'd never seen it before, but HA says that he watched it on A&E in 1992 and there was a complete lack of full frontal Palin back then.

Gracious me.

Cross one more thing off of the list of Things I'd Never Thought I'd See.

Knitting, wedding and honeymoon content soon. Promise, promise.

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