Thursday, November 1, 2007

Out of My Freaking Mind

You know why? 2 days to the wedding and what am I doing? Ripping back my Green Tea Raglan. Or to be more accurate, pulling out stitches.

Remember those "locking stitches" that gave me so much trouble when I shortened my friend's sleeves? They're in the green tea, too. Apparently, this is just what it looks like when you rip back from the cast on edge. Every place where you switched from knit to purl does that. And the front and back of Green Tea are seed stitch. So that means it happens every single stitch. Which actually seems to be making it easier to get the stitches on the needle.

So, when ripping back from the cast on edge of any stitch pattern that includes a combination of knit and purl stitches--cut the stitch at the end of the row and then start pulling out the yarn as you place the loops onto the needle.

Why am I doing this in the first place? I was sewing up the seams because I have a few minutes and was hoping to wear it on the honeymoon. After trying it on, I discovered that it's too long, to I had suspected. Because of the different row gague I get, it's covering my hips, accentuating how big they are. I prefer tops ot hit the top of my hips.

And actually? Focusing on something like this is quite relaxing. I sincerely doubt I'll be wearing this in Paris, unless I can finish it up tonight and maybe sew in the ends once we get there.

I might even keep it handy this weekend. Once my hair and makeup is done on Saturday, I won't be able to do any yoga to relax, so maybe weaving in ends will help if I get antsy.

OK, even I think that's insane.

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  1. Oh yeah, ripping from the bottom up is impossible (ask me how I know....). What you *can* do is snip the yarn at the length you want for your sweater, unravel one row st by st, put the sts back on a needle and bind them off (or knit an edging). Much quicker!


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