Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Wedding Post

According to my & HA's digital camera, 4 things happened on our wedding day, and 2 of them were my brother and his fiancee standing above us on some stairs.

According to my mother's digital camera, over 120 things happened that day. There's even a shot of me having my hair washed at the salon. For the few people who will actually want to see all of those pictures, I'll be turning them into a comic book with Comic Life. I already did the same with my mom's pictures from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and it was extremely well received. Truly the best way to display twelvty shots of people signing the marriage certificate.

For the rest of us, a few high points.

To begin with, I started to lose my voice 2 days before the wedding. It really started to go the day before and I had to resort to notes for most of the day of. The pastor scooted closer to me during the vows so that his body mike would pick up my whispers. It was too ridiculous to be upsetting and never before has a bride gotten so many laughs during the, "I will."

The hilarity was in full force at the beauty salon that morning. We didn't think to call the doctor until that morning, and of course, he returned my page during the hair washing.

 Here's a shot of my makeup artist right after we remembered that my dress was low cut and I needed foundation on my chest:PB030050

Hair & makeup done, we went back to the hotel for a quick lunch before the photographer showed up for the getting ready pictures. We stalled as long as we could, but eventually, we had to head out into the cold and wind to take the outdoor pictures.


It wasn't too cold or windy to go outdoors, but it was close. Everyone bundled up when they weren't in the shot. That scaffolding wasn't there when we originally picked the spot (a block from the hotel), but the photographer kept it out of the pictures. If it had been warmer, we might've been more inclined to check one block over to see if there was a similar, but construction-free area, but it's fine. 

We got to the church super-early and had plenty of time to hang out while my side of the wedding party went on a coffee run. We had loads of extra time both before and after the ceremony. Part of that is good planning, assisted by our photographer, who had a good idea of when to start the formal pictures, and so on, so that we wouldn't be rushed. But I think my voicelessness was also a factor. As one of our guests pointed out, I'm usually one of the loudest people in the room and there I was, reduced to writing notes and performing mime. Things moved along so quickly because of the lack of my yapping.

Anyway, we waited around and then it was time and then we got married.


Highlights of the ceremony include:
  1. a bridal coughing fit. During the vows.
  2. bride starting to feel faint from excitement, happiness, and bride's status as Most Likely to Have As Many Mishaps as Possible
  3. the pastor saying the words, "god is watching over us" just as a homeless man with white hair and beard peeked in the window above and behind the pastor. One guest reports having a giggling fit that I can only hope was caught by the videographer.
Then it was on to the reception, where a good time was had by all, my mom took a quintillion pictures of guests and action figures were removed from the centerpieces and placed in compromising positions.


I went through the better part of 2 notepads, and contrary to what everyone on the planet will tell you, I was able to eat at my own wedding. Although I didn't join the clean plate club like I usually do. That was either nerves, excitement, or the super-strong shapewear pressing against my stomach. Or all 3.

Finally, we got to do our big dance. And seriously? I'm really glad we took the dance lessons. Even the simplest turn that we learned in our first couple of classes got a huge reaction. Definite bang for the buck. And of course, we ended with a dip.


  1. Hi Jenn, Nice wedding shots. Congratulations on the nuptuals. Just answering your question about the One-skein book. Each of the hat patterns took 1 50g skein. I had a 100g skein and got both hats from it. As long as you check the size of your skein against the size the ask for in the book along with the gauge, all projects take one skein or less. I had a couple of feet left over after the last hat. Hope you enjoy the book - and married life! Thanks for stopping by my house.

  2. Ugh - the back of my head looks terrible! :o) Congrats again, you two.


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