Sunday, December 2, 2007

Paris Monday

Great comments on my last post. Very interesting and insightful.

Moving on to the Honeymoon. If I try to do one big post for the whole trip, I'll never get around to it, so here we go--Day 1.

By the time we landed in Paris on Monday morning, my voice was starting to come back enough that I could do the talking for us. Good thing, since HA doesn't parlez-vous the francais. We got lucky and our trip was between transit strikes, so we were able to take the commuter rail in from the airport. You can do Paris on foot without a problem, but without public transportation, getting into town from either airport is frighteningly expensive.

Vive la good timing.

We had lunch at the brasserie next to the hotel while we waited for check in time. Once we were done with gawping at how small the room was (but clean, and quiet), showering and napping, we consulted our handy, dandy guidebooks (I particularly recommend the Markets of Paris book), we decided to head out to a Salon de The in the area for some cocoa.

The street it was on is so small and quaint that me missed it the first time we walked past it. Fortunately, I had my trusty Paris map book and we found it eventually.

HA in the rue Dauphine consulting the Plan de Paris.
*Side note--this particular book was bought by my mom when she went to Paris in the 60s. It was incredibly useful to me when I lived there in 1990 and on my trips back. It's pricey, but if you're going buy one--it'll save you a load of time and will come in handy for decades. The only big differences that I've had to work around are that the Musee d'Orsay was still a train station when my book was printed, and Tour Montparnasse and the Pompidou Center hadn't been built yet. Doesn't matter--you need the map for the twisty little streets, not the giant skyscraper.

Toy shop on the rue Dauphine

We were the only customers in Haute Gourmande at that time of day. The hostess was very kind and patient with my difficulty speaking (let alone my difficulty with the language). We ordered chocolate ancienne and a plate of madeleines with berry jam. Our snack was so pretty, I kinneared it.
I also attempted to kinnear the tea salon, but I may have failed to capture the quaintness.
Since there was no one else there, I probably could've embarrassed myself and asked to take some pictures, but the 3 shreds of dignity I have left kept me in my chair.

There was some sticker shock when we saw the menu (with the exchange rate, the cocoa was $10 each), but holy crap and a half! That was the most decadent, delicious drinking chocolate I ever could've dreamed of.

Afterwards, we went for a walk towards Notre Dame:
and then wandered in and out of bookshops and comic book stores in the Latin Quarter on the way back towards the hotel. We bought a hazelnut tart for dessert and bought crepes for dinner. When I was a student, I would sometimes grab a ham, cheese and egg crepe on my way home after staying late in the computer lab. Sooo satisfying.

We watched some TV and photographed and ate our hazelnut tart.

Stay tuned for Paris Tuesday--Versailles!

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  1. Mmmmm, the tarts and cocoa look so yummy. Maybe you can report back on how French women eat that stuff and stay so thin! Have a great trip.


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