Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Paris Tuesday

My notes* for Tuesday begin with:
Slept until 9!

HA is a morning person and rarely lets me sleep that late. I'm surprised I stuck with only one exclamation point, honestly. Clearly, I need to get him sleep deprived and jet lagged more often.

We had pain au chocolat for breakfast because buttery pastry with a piece of chocolate in the middle is the real breakfast of champions.

Then we caught the commuter rail out to Versailles. First thing, we sought out the Visitor Center to ask for directions to Le Potager du Roy, a restaurant. Forget the big palace, I'd been telling HA about this place for months, possibly years. Shortly before my last trip to France, I read a review of the place in the NY Times and insisted on dragging my cousins into it, even though there was no english on the menu and that scared them.

The food. Or, dear god, the food! It's a fancy place, where even the phrase book is no help with the menu. But the waiters know enough english to be of help, especially if you throw yourself on their mercy in french. (Along with asking where the bathroom is, I think one of the most useful sentences in any language is, "I'm sorry, but I don't speak [french, spanish, whatever] well.")

On my first visit, I had chocolate lava cake for the first time. It was so sublime that it was a little unseemly, if truth be told.

This time, it was even swankier than I'd remembered. There was not one, but 2 courses of amuse-bouches before the 3 courses we actually ordered. First was pate on toast and the second was puree of green bean soup that was way too delicious to be something that they just throw in for free.

I'll spare you the full menu, but further exhibits of poshness included:
  • washcloths, actual freaking washcloths, in the bathroom for drying your hands. 
  • The most hyper-meticulous cleaning of the breadcrumbs that I have ever witnessed and I, my friends, have seen some meticulous breadcrumb cleaning in my day.

I suspect that the place is so fancy to discourage you from making the sex noises that the food inspires you to make.

We decided to skip the palace for the sake of time (I've been inside twice on 2 different tours) and just walked around the gardens, which are huge and took many pictures,

had fun learning how to use the camera's zoom feature.
admired the anal retentive landscaping,
and used my nerdvision to spot a statue that was wrapped up against the cold that looked just like a Dalek.
Good times.

We also took some FO pictures of my Green Tea Raglan, but after wearing it twice, I decided that it was too short now, after the last minute trimming. I'm lengthening it and you'll get those pictures and more soon.

We hopped the commuter rail back to Paris, and hit a few more sights. HA went up the Eiffel Tower while I waited at the base because I'm a big scaredy baby afraid of heights and I've been up it before anyway. We still weren't hungry, after that, so we walked all the way to the Arc de Triomphe, and down the Champs-Elysees.

We ended up back near our hotel eventually and had dinner at Quick Burger, a McDonald's type place. I'd eaten there when I was a student and HA was curious.

Apparently, Quick Burger now does kid's birthday parties and has chosen to advertise that fact with this guy.

Back at the hotel, we watched some TV. France has a show called (translated) "Incredible Talents". We witnessed some incredibly bad talents. One act was a duo where a DJ played some music while the other guy did tricks with soccer balls. They were not invited to proceed to the next level.

That wraps up our Tuesday in Paris. I'm starting to see why bloggers just post 1 or 2 pictures from their vacations and call it a post. If it gets too boring, somebody cry uncle, OK?

* Yes, I now keep notes on my vacations. Starting with this one. HA's mom and aunt do that and I thought it was a little excessive that they wrote down what they did and ate on their travels. Would posterity care that who had pancakes and when? But then I realized that I can't for the life of me tell you what HA and I had at Terrace in the Sky that time that we went there during Restaurant Week. I put an excessive amount of planning into the restaurants we pick, so it seems futile not to remember what we had. Besides, it was an excuse to buy a cute little notebook.


  1. No pictures of the food from le Potager?! Well, I guess it would have been very tacky in an american tourist way :)

  2. Wha's the point of eating if you can't make sex noises? This is a wonderful post. Thank you.

  3. Love the Dalek statue! I didn't see one of those when I was there! LOL!


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