Thursday, December 27, 2007


I tend not to make resolutions for the new year because I make them at other times. If I decide to do something, then I need to get started on it, otherwise I'll get distracted and forget about it completely.

In fact, I started one on Christmas Eve. I've resolved to spend at least 15 minutes a day working on my novel. In the past, I've made bursts of progress writing every day for at least an hour, and then I'm sidetracked by illness. I'm knocked on my ass by a cold and all novel progress comes to a screeching halt. A couple of days away from writing, and I'm out of the habit, so I stay away from my writing desk even longer.

But even when I'm feeling sick, I can put in 15 minutes. I squeezed it in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so this looks do-able. I won't be reporting on this daily, but I did print out a calendar so I can put a check mark on each day when I do it.

Another resolution I made a while ago is to really get a handle on sweater knitting. I want to be able to turn out sweaters for myself that fit me perfectly and thrill me to no end. This goes hand in hand with my desire to knit up my stash to make room for more stash. I can't justify the expense of a sweater's worth of yarn when I have enough alpaca to make 4 of them. Plus all those thrift store sweaters I bought so I could recycle the yarn. I should be able to crank out about 10 without doing any shopping.

I've started on #1, a top-down, set in sleeves shrug I designed myself with the help of Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top. Knitting on it annoys my sinuses sometimes, so I'm hoping that it's something they treated the yarn with that's bothering me and not the alpaca itself. It could also just be all the fluff that the yarn is shedding as I work with it. I'll know for sure once it's finished and washed. If it's OK to wear after that, then I'll just pre-wash all my other alpaca before using it.

So expect to see lots of sweaters here. I'm not sure I'll be resolute enough to keep from buying more sweater yarn before I finish up what I already have, but I'm hoping to be a sweater maven by this time next year.

Resolution #3 is crochet-related. I finally started to get the hang of crochet on the flight home from Paris. I received the Amigurumi book for Christmas and my plan is to work my way through it so I can learn the technique and make lots of cute little toys. I'll just stockpile them for giftgiving. Every kid I know is likely to be getting a crocheted cheeseburger in 2008.

What are your crafty resolutions?

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  1. What a great list!

    I don't have any official resolutions, but I am starting the year with one craft-related goal in mind: to (finally!) knit a sweater for myself. It's a wrap sweater in Rowan Kid Classic. I got the pattern and the yarn in the summer, knit the gauge swatch (I actually knit a gauge swatch! Whooo!) in early fall, then put the whole thing aside to take care of holiday and gift knitting.


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