Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rug Revisited


You too can have your own cushy floor mat or rug. I'm planning on using the rest of my calamari t-shirt yarn to make a rug to go next to the bed to cushion my sleepy feetsies when I get up in the morning. (Inspiration from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. I have no idea how it got wider at that one spot. I think the yarn in that row was just thicker than the rest.

Step 1: Gather old t-shirts. Mine were mostly long-sleeved solid tees that I used to wear to work. I lost weight and couldn't donate old t-shirts to the Salvation Army. I didn't think anyone would get much use out of them and I wanted to use them for this project anyway.

Step 2: Cut off the sleeves and top of each shirt so that you have 3 tubes. Discard the excess fabric or save for to use as scraps or rags. (I'm learning to use my sewing machine, so I'm hoarding fabric for practice.)

Step 3: Follow this tutorial to cut your yarn into loops.

Step 4: Join all the loops with slip knots, forming into a ball as you go.

Step 5: Take a picture showing that you now have a ball of yarn bigger than your head.


Step 6: Cast on about 30 stitches on Size US 15 needles. If you have bigger needles, you might want to try those. I used the biggest ones I have and it felt tight. However, you probably want a dense fabric for a rug, so Size 15s might be the way to go.

Side note: This yarn sheds like a mo-fo while you're working with it. Select your knitting location accordingly. The finished mat doesn't seem to be shedding at all. I'll report back after its first trip through the wash.

Step 7: Continue in garter stitch (knit every row) until it's long enough. I kept laying it on the spot where I wanted it to go to see if I was done yet.

Step 8: Bind off

Step 9: Get a non-skid mat and cut to size. (I bought 2 big ones on my last trip to Ikea and just cut a piece the size I needed.)

Step 10: Clean the floor. (Or skip this step. You can see form the picture above that I did.)

Step 11: Place your mat, take pictures and revel in the cushyness.

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