Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Call Off the Search Dogs

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I had only fallen into a vat of my own mucous. Just a regular cold. I didn't cough up anything interesting, or lose my voice, because, you know, that only happens when I'm surrounded with my best and dearest and I'm being recorded for posterity

I also started a new job last week, so I'm a bit tired. It's not the overwhelming, exhausting sensory overload that happened when I started my last job, but I'm a bit tuckered.

But my, oh, my do I have some good blog posts planned. Just as soon as I can escape the vortex of comfyness that is my sofa. I'm just impressed that I've been getting my 15 minutes of novel writing a day done. (Chapter 9, you will be revised into submission by the end of the week, bwah, ha ha!)

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of some sock yarn from The Heathen Housewife, who dyes her own. (Scroll down to the December 30 post, titled, "Purging".) She's not loving the Superman colors, and His Awesomeness never met a comic book he didn't like, so he's getting himself some socks.

I've been wanting to learn to knit socks for a while now. (I said I'd never knit socks. Why would anyone do such a thing? That's just crazy talk--all those little stitches on those teeny little needles. I think we all know what this means for the I'm Never Going to Spin or Dye Yarn thing I have going on. Oh well.) But I only own one skein of sock yarn--Tofutsies, which I bought because the colors are yummy. But $20 sock yarn is a bit pricey for my very first pair of socks. Honestly, $20 seems a bit much for my 20th pair of socks, but at least by then I'll know what I'm doing and the damn things will be wearable.

Since I didn't have any other sock yarn and am/was avoiding yarn purchases (since there's so much of it in the closet that I'm afraid to open it), I was a bit out of luck for the time being. But then I got some Christmas money and I decided that I'm going to spend it on some inexpensive sock yarn.

After an eensy bit of research, it looks like Knit Picks Essential is the way to go. Inexpensive, machine washable, nice colors. But before I go ahead and buy, I'm throwing it out to you more experienced sock knitters. Can you recommend any other sock yarns that fit the bill? Any bad experiences with this yarn? (The peeps on Ravelry sang its praises, but that doesn't make it perfect.)

And for when my sock knitting skillz improve, any suggestions for mid-price sock yarns (maybe $10-$15 a pair)? Yeah, yeah, I know sock yarn doesn't count, but for several reasons, we're in Scrimpfest 2008 here at Casa de Fashionably Late, so even sock yarn splurges need to be restrained.

And since a blog post without a picture is like a Something without a Something Else, here's a picture of my one ball of sock yarn:
Isn't it the cutest thing?

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  1. Sorry you've been feeling sick. I hope you get better soon. Regia sock yarn works well and is pretty inexpensive if you want to give that a try.


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