Wednesday, January 16, 2008



I've decided to run a little contest to promote my new CafePress store because, well, the only person who's bought anything so far is my mom. So I need to promote the thing.

Besides, who doesn't love a good contest? (Hopefully, this is a good one.)

Prize: 10 notecards from the shop, your choice of image.
How to Enter: Leave a comment to this post. Suggestions on how to promote the store would be appreciated. If you think that they'd sell better if I printed them out myself and sold them as sets with assorted images on etsy, say so (keep in mind that they'd be more expensive, then). If you want me to put an image on a different item so you can buy that, let me know. If these pictures aren't your thing, but you'd buy notecards with artistic photos of yarn, let me know.

To get 2 entries, mention my little store and contest on your blog and leave a comment to this post letting me know you did it.

You can get 3 entries by buying something from the store and leaving me a comment to this post letting me know about it.

Be sure to leave me your e-mail address (formatted like: jenumlas at gmail dot com to stave off the internet evildoers) so I can contact the winner. I'll have His Awesomeness pick a name from a hat, bowl or other suitable vessel. Possibly while blindfolded.

Deadline: Noon, EST on Saturday, January 26. Winner will be selected on Sunday, January 27 and announced once I've contacted the winner so they can select their prize.

What's so great about notecards and postcards? Well, they're less expensive and more original than greeting cards with pre-printed messages. I haven't bought a birthday card in years. I just go to my collection of blank cards whenever I need to send one. They're pretty, they're unique, you can hang them on the wall to look at, or give them away and send them out into the world. They make it easy to send Thank You notes, or a quick hello to a friend who could stand to get something in the mail that isn't a bill. A set of them makes a good gift. (The Holidays are past, but end of school year teacher gifts are coming up sooner than you think. And if you're anything like me, people's birthdays are always sneaking up on you.)

So, let's get commenting and spreading the word and stuff!


  1. Your photos look great! I'm a big user of blank notecards myself (I can't remember the last time I bought a "birthday" card...), so I'm totally with you on their versatility.

    Offering a variety pack is a great idea. When I travel and want to send postcards, I buy X of the exact same postcard and write 'em up without having to worry about who gets which one. But when it comes to notecards, I really like to be able to choose just the right card for a particular person.

    I wonder if you wouldn't get more traffic with an Etsy store, too, since people look for that sort of thing there. I think most people associate Cafe Press with t-shirts and coffee mugs--not so much stuff printed on paper.

  2. Very lovely!

    I have to agree that selling a few on Esty and then linking to your Cafe Press Store would get your name out.

  3. Your photos are spectacular! I love the gargoyles and the chairs, especially. Definitely, offer a variety pack.

    teabird17 at yahoo dot com

    teabird on ravelry

  4. Thanks for the clapotis advice.
    Etsy is a great idea. Also, is there a place on Ravelry to promote?

  5. Although I like to buy and send nice cards, I have noticed that a lot of people NEVER send personal mail. E-mail and phone calls are their preferred ways to communicate. So maybe it would be worth offering a t-shirt or tote bag, too? Just a thought--I LOVE Paris and want to live there someday...

    quiltnut1 at comcast dot net

  6. A variety pack is a great idea! Also, etsy can be an invaluable tool for getting your name out there. Check out this Ravelry group for more great ideas for promoting:

  7. I love blank notecards! Your pictures are great.

    I think an Etsy store might give you more traffic, as well. Also, I think most of the pictures would look even greater with a wee bit of a border.

  8. Looks like all the ideas I might have had have already been suggested as well. I do love the pictures though, Paris is sure a beautiful place.

    I will link your contest to my blog as well.

    gimpykayk at aol dot com

  9. oops my email address had a typo,

    gimpykatk at aol dot com

    there thats better.

  10. I think a variety pack would be great. People like options. The packs could be in 5 or 10 for postcards or notecards and the buyer could pick and choose. I think your current plan is great.
    I'm also posting your store on my blog:

  11. I use Constant Contact to send out promotions for my candle company. It's a great way to get the word out if you have a lot of email contacts. :)


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