Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm taking a class that started last week and I've been preoccupied with the homework. Essentially, I had to write an essay that fit certain parameters. I spent 24 hours carrying on like this guy:

His Awesomeness and I had repeated conversations that went like this:
Me: I suck!
HA: No, you don't
repeat 15 times

I truly do not know how the man puts up with me.

I had trouble sleeping that night because my mind kept racing, trying to come up with a good idea.

24 hours later, I landed on an idea and had trouble sleeping because I was just so pleased with myself.

24 hours after that, I sat down to write the thing and came back to earth. Parts of it were good, but it needed work. With HA's advice, I've got it hammered out and hopefully, I'll get some good feedback on it in class tomorrow.

Hopefully, I won't freak out as much over the next assignment.

Anyway, between that and the 15 minutes of novel writing a day, I've been neglecting the blog and will not bore you with excuses and apologies.

I've heard from Miranda, and she's chosen these notecards. Congratulations to Miranda and thanks to everyone who entered. I'll be implementing some of the suggestions, as soon as I can find the time.

In the interest of keeping you entertained, go look at these really awesomely decorated cakes. Link stolen from Adrienne Martini who stole it from someone else.


  1. Those doll cakes are cool and creepy at the same time!

  2. I know the contest is over, but here would be my thought on more exposure for your cafepress store. Put a few sets on Etsy. Get some more exposure and direct them to the cafepress store if they would like to look at a bigger variety or are looking for something specific. Etsy is cheap and will get you a lot of looks and get people to move towards your cafepress store. I love the cards. Good luck!


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