Friday, February 29, 2008

Blankie Friday

Some of you knitters out there may have seen the epic blanket project that The Heathen Housewife has been working on for the past year and a half. I first found her blog when the Yarn Harlot passed along a request for people to send along leftover sock yarn so Shelly could continue working on the blanket after she ran out of her own sock yarn leftovers.

And today Shelly is unveiling the finished blanket. It was a huge effort for her and it's so pretty and colorful and inspiring, even though I doubt I'll ever end up with enough scraps of the same kind of yarn to do something similar. Though I'm saying this before I've dived into learning how to knit socks, which will be happening this year.

I've actually been torn between the idea of knitting all my socks toe up, so that there's no leftover yarn, or deliberately leaving leftovers so that I could make a scarf or blanket or whatever out of the leftovers. I've also been torn between the idea of coming up with a project to use up the leftovers on non-sock yarn that I do have and the idea of having lots of leftovers for when I need to add a little edging or something. Overthinking much?

So go visit Shelly and look at her amazing blanket.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back

7:31 We watch the episode of the muppet show with very special guest stars, the Stars of Star Wars Yea!!!! I finally get the chance to show everyone that I can gargle gershwin. I can't bring myself to be embarrassed about that.

7:57 We start The Empire Strikes Back and I think: oh dear god here comes another one.

8:07 I wonder aloud how the snow monster got luke’s feet stuck to the ceiling of his ice cave. Mike says that the monster licked his feet and stuck him to the ceiling. It seems so obvious now.

8:14 while googling to see where the hoth scene were shot, we discover wookiepedia. It's stuff like this that makes me unashamed to know how to gargle gershwin.

8:26 hello at-ats! Back in teh day, the AT-AT toy cost $60 and this is in 1980 prices. My little brother wanted one in the worst way. My mom refused to spend $60 on a piece of plastic. (Parents just don't understand.) That summer, my brother was riding his bike when he was hit by a car. He was unhurt, but in the Emergency Room, my mom begged him to be OK. She would give him anything he wanted if he would just be OK. He flashed his baby blues at her and said, "Can I have an AT-AT?" She bought it for him rather than go back on her word. Come to think of it, a few years later, I was hit by a car and hurt quite a bit and all I got was arthritis in my knees, surgery to repair a broken facial plate and a new profile. I may need to have a word with my parents about this. I should at least be able to get a Barbie Dream House out of that.

8:34 Am feeling hot and headachy. It may be from the heat of the laptop or it may be from star wars overload. The millennium falcon escapes and I contemplate how humans were not meant to watch movies for 14 hours in a row. 10 and a half down, 3 and a half to go. Oh dear god.

8:43 the millennium falcon enters an asteroid field and everyone makes me look up when the asteroids video game was created (1979 arcade, 1981 atari 2600)

8:45 grover I mean yoda makes his big entrance

8:54 dead obiwan speaks and everyone is silent. That Alec Guinness sure kicked ass.

8:58 this is no cave.

9:06 I always wondered what balancing yoda on his foot was supposed to train luke for.

9:10 luke complains that he can"t raise his xwing from the swamp with the force. One and a half movies in and he’s still a whiny little bitch.

9:31 this whole carbon freezing thing sounds like a bad idea.

9:38 aw jeez another lightsaber battle. I remember analyzing this scene like crazy for evidence of whether or not vader was lying about being luke’s father. My brother thought he was lying and I believed him. We actually read a review of jedi with spoilers because we couldn’t wait two days more to find out.

9:42 oh look jedis fighting somewhere perilous, who would have ever guessed?

9:47 3po is a whiny bitch too, but I kinda expect it from him.

9:57 it’s almost over and I get a second wind. It helps that my headache is going away.

9:59 notice in the closing credit that lucas didn’t write the script. no wonder the dialogue was so good.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Star Wars!!!

5:30 star wars

5:34 huzzah! This feels like taking off my shoes at the end of the day. So comfy.

5:37 leia meets vader. That’s it leia, give daddy hell for boarding your ship. We were going to have cinammon buns in honor of her hair, but Trader Joe’s didn’t have any.

5:42 r2 gets shot by the jawas. it’s the cutest thing.

5:47 hi Aunt Beru!

5:49 Luke refers to r5d4 as an r2 unit just when we’ve finished debating if his name was r5d4 or r2d4. It's the red droid. r5 is correct. I don't even have to look it up, such is the extent of my geekitude. ooh. Luke’s a whiny bitch just like his dad.

5:57 hello bantha!

5:58 luke gets his ass kicked by a sand person and the sand person howls in celebration and we laugh.

5:59 hello alec guinness. How much I’ve been missing you. Everyone goes silent the moment he begins to speak, such is his awesomeness. Note to self: Re-watch Lavender Hill Mob and The Ladykillers and any other film he was ever in.

6:00 Luke says obi-wan kenobi to Guinness and the look on his face speaks more than 3 prequels combined.

6:06 vader in the conference room. The acting makes people laugh and laugh. Harold wonders how these guys earned all the red and blue chiclets on their jackets

6:11 the syringe on the torture driod looks like it’s from the fisher price doctor set

6:14 the cantina scene!!!!! I tell everyone about theTales from the Cantina book where there are short stories explaining the back story of every character who gets a second of screen time in this scene. They've done several books like that and they're all good. What's so great and appealing about the Star Wars universe is that it's so deep. Every character, every detail has been thought out. Unlike a certain episode of Firefly where the rich fancy people thousands of years in the future were were dancing quadrilles like they were Elizabeth and Darcy. Sorry, Joss, but there was a lot about Firefly that needed one more revision.

6:17 hi han solo! Hi Chewbacca! Love you, mean it

6:18 david points out that Chewbacca has struck a seductive pose in the cantina while meeting with Kenobi and Luke.

6:19 greedo shows up and han shoots first! No special edition in this house.

6:23 Chewie, get us outa here! This is what Richard Branson gets and NASA doesn’t. As a society, we can't really claim to have achieved really space flight until you can take off with only an r2 unit and a wookie.

6:25 carrie fisher’s accent is English all of a sudden.

6:34 there’s so much less heckling going on

6:41 we look on wikipedia to see if star wars is the first use of tractor beam., it is not.

6:42 harrison ford doing the scene where he shoots the computer panel. He really does steal this film.

6:46 into the garbage chute flyboy! My brother had this playset. With the little foam pieces for garbage and green garbage eatng monster. Love.

6:48 I realize it’s practical to have a critter eat the organic garbage so you don’t have to jettison it, but it seems pretty wasteful to throw out such large chunks of metal. Can they melt it down for re-use?

6:52 we discuss the simplicity of the plot of this film vs. the prequels. There is just way too much going on in the prequels.

6:57 ooh kenobi vs vader. I'm a little sick of lightsaber battles. This battle is underwhelming. No acrobatics. They're fencing. In later movies, they add broadsword fighting moves which look more dramatic. Having spent way too much time thinking about it (and having trained in broadsword fighting for the stage in college), I think that real lightsaber fighting would incorporate both styles, as in Return of the Jedi. Aren't you so glad I'm here to contemplate these things for you?

7:06 when we heard about alderaan we feared the worst. Um, because if the entire planet gets destroyed, but she survives, it’s ok? Shallow, much?

7:07 love these 70s haircuts on the fighter pilots

7:12 we’ve been at this for 9 hours. Sigh.

7:14 I always felt bad about Porkins. The one fat fighter pilot and they name him Porkins and that is not a nickname. According to the books, his name is Jek Porkins, son of Momma Porkins and Pappa Porkins.

7:18 david points out that were watching a movie about guys wearing black and heavy breathing. We all take a moment to absorb the truth of that statement.

7:30 missed the end of the movie due to dinner delivery. Am so fed up with star wars that I don’t care

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Revenge of the Sith

When we saw this one in the theater, the film ended and I said, "Apology accepted, Mr. Lucas." So I wasn't dreading this one as much as the previous two. But this is also when we started drinking, so keep that in mind as well.

OK, so time for Revenge of the Sith aka the prequel that doesn't suck as much.

Behold the crowds that had gathered by this point:

And the lovely snacks we had put out to sustain us:

3:11 Revenge of the Sith. It’s all uphill from here. I don’t care what you haters say. this a good movie.

3:16 it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. We make ourselves gin & pomegranate juice.

3:17 Realize that we should’ve been taking a drink every time someone said "I’ve got a bad feeling about this."

3:18 the wheezing droid guy shows up. I hear this all makes much for sense if you watch the clone wars cartoons first. Next a-thon will be ep. 2 (if we can bear it), then both seasons of the cartoon and then this.

3:38 really don’t want to sit still any more

3:48 oh boy, yoda is going to visit the wookies!

3:51 hi wookies!

3:56 um, ani, chancellor palpatine is telling you an old sith legend. Doesn’t that make you think that maybe he’s a sith lord? Hmm? Though palpatine is pushing ani’s keeping amidala from dying buttons so much that ani prolly doesn’t care.

3:58 hello wookies! I was going to make wookie cookies but didn’t have the time. Since they’re chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon, we bought chocolate chip cookies and people can sprinkle cinnamon on them. (Note: cookies were eventually eaten without cinnamon.)

3:59 wookie battle!!!

4:03 ok, so has no one noticed how pregnant padme is?

4:04 ok this is cool. The part whee the scary looking alien greets kenobi and is all whisper, whisper, save us from the bad guys, please

4:08 ooh wheesy robot guy has 4 lightsabers. That hardly seems sporting.

4:12 oh dear god, how can palpatine put up with anikin’s whining long enough to manipulate him into becoming evil? Oh for fuck’s sake. Ani hasn’t figured out yet that palpatine is the sith lord. That’s whole lotta stupid right there.

4:14 finally! stupidhead figured it out. And still, he lets palpatine keep talking.

4:17 that’s a good jedi. Rat out palpatine to Sam Jackson. Sam will make it better.

4:18 damn, sam, don’t tell ani you don’t trust him just because you don’t think it’s a good idea to come along to arrest palaptine. Jeebus. Do you WANT him to sit around pouting and stewing until he does something stupid? These jedis really don’t have any sense, do they?

4:22 Sam Jackson and palpatine are fighting. I never thought I’d say it, but I am so sick of lightsaber fights. They just broke the window. You’d think that they’d have unbreakable windows that high up. (Geek aside--according to the series novels, the planet Coruscant is one giant city covering the entire planet. Over the centuries, layers of new city have been built over the old. So not only is the fall unimaginably far, but when you hit the ground, if you break through, there's hundreds of feet more to go. I was spouting stuff like this all day.)

4:23 wow sam just spoke without moving his mouth. That’s some bad editing right there.

4 :29 damn, anikin, the man just sent you to go kill the baby jedis. At what point are you going to stop and think that maybe this isn’t the guy you want to be your best bud?

4:31 ok this part is brutal. Palpatine gives the order and all the clones turn on the jedi and kill them. Some of that force foresight coulda helped, no?

4:32 oh, thank god. Our first guest has rung the bell. This will much less embarssing with company.

4:33 oh, wookies save yoda. Wookies are awesome.

4:34 ani kills children ugh.

4:43 you go yoda! Kick some clone ass!

4:46 the republic will be reorganized into an empire. Jeebus. Re-org.

4:51 woo hoo lava time!

4:54 seriously padme? When someone tells you that your hubby has turned evil and killed children, do you a) go alone to visit him so he can kill you or b) bring reinforcements?

4:56 seriously ani? You go evil to keep her from dying and then you choke her yourself? That’s a whole lotta stupid.

4:57 stop talking and start fighting already! Criminy.

5:00 ooh palpatine vs yoda kick his ass green guy! And stop talking about it so much and start throwing pieces of the senate at each other.

5:02 kenobi and ani move closer to the lava to fight. That makes sense. It's just not a jedi fight if there isn't excessive peril as well.

5:07 jeez is it against the jedi code to stop fighting until after youre not falling into lava anymore?

5:16 ooh, vader mask baby! I cheered at this part in the theater

5:18 vader gets all Frankenstein and screams No! That is awful.

More guests had arrived by this point, and for some reason we decided to watch the C-3PO/R2D2 anti-smoking TV commercial from back in the day. So cute.

On to the originals!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Attack of the Clones

12:47 starting Attack of the Clones. I cringed as I put the dvd in the player. I like this movie well enough as long as I tell myself it’s a short film about a computer generated yoda kicking some ass in a lightsaber battle. But faced with the truth, ugh.

12:53 Hi yoda. You’re looking awfully computer generated today.

12:56 man, lucas can't write a love scene.

12:58 I wish Hayden Christiansen were a better actor, but I'm not sure Olivier could deliver those lines convincingly.

1:01 ew yucky killer poinsonous worm things. I’m eating here, people.

1:02 Ewen MacGregor jumps out the window and grabs on to the flying droid thing that brought the poison worm things. You gotta love a guy who jumps through a window eleventy million feet above ground level. Bounty hunter shoots him, he falls, Ani catches him. You gotta be impressed with the little shit.

1:10 Obiwan tells Ani that you’re going to be the death of me. I groan. It’s not foreshadowing if we already know what’s going to happen, George.

1:20 Obiwan goes to a space diner. Slick and groovy. Like some of the scenes in the franchise books. Maybe a little too USA 1950s, but nice nonetheless.

1:24 The mini jedis are adorable even though Lucas insists on calling them younglings.

1:38 Ani spouts some facist crap at Padme. Is it any wonder she falls in love with him? Sigh.

1:44 Anikin acts like loving Padme makes him physically ill. So sexay.

1:50 I like baby Boba Fett. He’s more like what you’d expect a baby Darth Vader to be like—using his dad’s spaceship to shoot at a Jedi. Don't fuck with Baby Boba.

1:55 Kenobi follows the Fetts into an asteroid field and the Fetts blow up stuff. This is cool. The dialog is not.

2:01 Hi Uncle Owen! Hi Aunt Beru!

2:04 Anikin rides Uncle Owen’s moterbike through sci fi backdrops to rescue his mom as Kenobi sneaks around a battle droid factory. That looks perilous. Think they’re going to have a fight there later?

2:07 Anikin’s mom dies approximately30 seconds after he shows up to rescue her. Man that’s some bad timing he has. Or good timing. He could’ve shown up 5 minutes later.

2:09 aaaaaaaaand anikin turns evil and starts killing sand people. There we go. Proto-vader needs to be kicking some ass to take the edge off those bad love scenes.

2:12 Ani does the pouty whiny baby I killed them all scene. I read that Hayden played the secene several different ways and this is the one Lucas picked. Oh, George. Any other approach to this scene would’ve worked better. Where’s the gin? Isn’t it 5 o’clock somewhere?

2:14 I realize that we only have another half hour of this movie and rejoice in my heart.

2:18 How can a movie with so little JarJar be so annoying. Mike informs me that we have more like 50 minites left. I die a little inside.

2:19 Saruman visits Kenobi floating in a force field. Why does George Lucas hate me so much? Did Ewen Macgregor piss him off or something? That does not look comfortable.

2:21 Darth Sidious? That’s just embarrassing. Can't the biggest badest bad guy ever come up with a cooler name?

2:24 They're sending ALL the jedi to go rescue obiwan? Is that necessary? Have they lost their ability to come up with a good plan along with their ability to access the force?

2:26 oh look, perilous battle in the droid factory. Who coulda guessed? Mike is suddenly reminded of Super Mario.

2:28 Even threepio’s whining is more annoying in this movie.

2:29 wow. They sure are in a lot of peril.

2:34 Stupid jedis. Ani and Obiwan just watch the big monsters approach to come and eat them while Padme picks the lock of her handcuffs and frees herself. Useless jedi.

2:36 Isn't Baby Boba too young to be watching a public execution where the victims get ripped apart by CGI monsters? That’s just some bad parenting, there.

2:38 That’s some bad ass monster going after Obiwan.

2:39 The jedis all show up, light their lightsabers and strike a pose. Don't just stand there, do some rescuing! OK that crowd of jedi running to meet the crowd of battle druids is cool.

2:43 As cool as this battle is, are we there yet?

2:45 That’s right bitches. Yoda is here with a clone army to kick your asses. Don’t fuck with yoda is what I’m saying.

2:46 Baby Boba Fett picks up his dad’s helmet (Sam Jackson cut his head off) and yet the head doesn’t fall out of the helmet. I know it should, so it’s still gross.

2:47 I seem to lose my will to live and Mike reminds me that the cool yoda fight is coming soon. I rally.

2:49 ooh death star plans.

2:50 Chrisopher Lee on a motor scooter. That’s just undignified.

2:56 yoda shows up to fight Christopher lee. Finally!

2:59 ooh, that yoda. He bad. He badder than Sam Jackson. If there were motherfucking snakes on yoda’s motherfucking plane, that movie woulda been only an hour because he woulda kicked those snakes asses so quickly.

3:03 you’d really think that a clothes horse like Amidala would have a better wedding dress.

3:04 God, isn’t this movie over yet?


Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Phantom Menace

We started 15 minutes late due to last minute cleaning, but we had a schedule to keep and knew that we couldn't put off The Phantom Menace much longer.

10:20 AM
Man, that’s some bad dialogue. “Are you brain dead?” Is Lucas 12? Jeez.

10:27 AM
Did JarJar just say Exsqueeze me? Lucas *is* 12. Or maybe 8. You want to defend the guy and then he hits us with dialogue like that. Both the bad guys and JarJar were allegedly racist. Nah. Lucas wasn’t being insensitive. Just lazy. They sound like languages made up by little kids—maybe his kids talked like that when they were seven. I mean, “How rude?” is a callback to that stupid Olsen Twins show (Full House). It’s still insulting and offensive. Just not to specific demographic. It’s insulting to the intelligence of everyone watching. I guess we should be relieved that we don’t have any aliens speaking pig latin.

After Phantom Menace first came out, I read a fan essay online arguing that JarJar actually does have a purpose. The empire are all about sameness (no women or aliens on star destroyers). But the rebellion and the republic include everyone. Inclusiveness counts everyone, including annoying people like JarJar. This of course was before JarJar was suckered into suggesting to the senate that they make Palpatine Emperor.

Does inclusiveness include people who hand evil the keys to the castle because they’re just so stupid? Unfortunately, I think it does. Being a liberal ain’t easy and it doesn’t mean I have to like him, but if I want to keep up the whole liberals are just nicer people thing, then I have to tolerate him. I still want to throw things at the TV everytime he opens his mouth. People whose politics I completely disagree with still deserve the right to vote, but I don’t have to listen to their nonsense over dinner. Too bad I can’t change the subject to "Wow, These Sweet Potatoes are Tasty" or "Shut Up JarJar".

10:40 AM
A battle droid just got lippy and clever with the jedis. Sigh. Lucas was just trying to to get the cool kids to like him. If only he had just embraced his geekitude instead of writing dialogue that sounds like it was written by Paris Hilton.

10:44 AM
The decoy queen asking Padme/the real queen to clean up R2D2 is just pushy. But Hi R2! Good to see you little buddy!

10:45 AM
It’s a good thing we bought lots of snacks for today. It’s too early to break out the gin and I'm going to need something to help me get through this. Our one guest who’s enough of a completist that he was going to try to get here in time for it all, has to go to a memorial service. So we have no idea how long it’ll be until someone else actually turns up. Here’s little Ani. Mopheaded kid. But all kids are cute. I bet Hitler was adorable when he was 4. That’s the point of starting out when the character is so young, but I still don’t know whether I want to pinch his cheek or give him a cookie and send him out of my sight. At least the kid can act in a fake language.

10:51 AM
Oh god, another jarjar scene. I'm starting to understand why people sounded insulted when we invited them.

10:54 AM
Hi Threepio! Nice to see you. If only they had fit you into the film in a different way and earlier, we wouldn’t need jarjar at all. Droids are comic relief, Lucas, not computer generated dumbasses. 3PO says the floor is not entirely stable in a callback to Empire. In writing classes, when they talk about how you’re going to end up having to cut out your favorite bits, this is what they mean, George. I really like the spinning bit inside 3PO's head, but there’s no way that the dust wouldn’t get in all of his inside parts and make them not work. I can only suspend my disbelief so much.

10:59 AM
Oh, the big hearted little moppet wants to help the jedi win the money to fix their ship. So heartwarming I may hurl.

11:01 AM
This 14 hour fete still seems like a bad idea.

11:02 AM
Oh no, the virgin birth nonsense. LaLaLaLaLa.

11:04 AM
Why are they letting jarjar touch the pod racer? Clumsy people + important stuff that's breakable = broken important stuff. Apparently, jedi are stupid. No wonder the midiclorians created someone to turn evil and give them the smackdown.

11:13 AM
Hi Jabba! Hey, that blue haired chick is wearing princess leia’s gold bikini. It’s pod race time. This scene is cool. Really, the best way to watch these movies is to watch the good parts and sing lalalalalalala during the rest.

11:17 AM
Zooming, zooming, more zooming. Tuskan Raiders shooting at the racers. This is what we do for fun on Tattoine, bitch!

11:29 AM
The kid’s like 7 and he’s leaving his mother forever. Ouch. Could’ve been better written, but at least it’s not painfully sappy.

11:35 AM
Padme and Anikin care for each other?!?! Oh that hurts. Bad, bad dialogue. Why, why, why, did Lucas feel it was necessary to foreshadow them falling in love and doing it when he grows up. Ew ew ew.

11:37 AM
Hi Adminral Zod! I really wish Terence Stamp coulda played the chancellor in his Priscilla Queen of the Dessrt drag.

11:40 AM
Hi Yoda! You’re looking very puppety today. Hi Sam Jackson! Are there motherfucking snakes on your motherfucking spaceship?

11:43 AM
This is so bad, I want snacks.

11:52 AM
Wow that’s one stupid jedi council. They’d rather let a really powerful and possibly dangerous kid run rampant instead of training him and keeping an eye on him. I really wanna pop them one.

11:58 AM
The gungan leader was voiced by Brian Blessed. This explains the bombasticness. The world makes just a little bit more sense now.

12:02 PM
Mike (His Awesomeness) points out that Liam Neeson is the only one who got out of his movie with his dignity intact. Even thw CG battle drois were embarrassed.

12:07 PM
I don’t care what anyone says. Any movie with a double lightsaber isn’t all bad

12:11 PM
Why do jedi always have to do battle in someplace so perilous? Aren’t lightsabers dangerous enough without forcefields and dangerous drops and stuff. These guys are such dangermonkeys.

12:16 PM
JarJar surrenders by saying "My Give Up". It’s so funny that it’s almost worth having to listen to him for the rest of the movie. Almost.

12:17 PM
Poor Darth Maul. So awesome. So underutilized. So about to be cut in half.

12:19 PM
Ani quips as he destroys the droid control ship. Mike says he misses the subtly and wit of Mark Hamill.

12:24 PM
I realize that there we no girl gungans in this whole movie. Where do baby gungans come from?

12:25 PM
Closing credits. Thank god that’s over.

We make peanut butter & jelly for lunch while singing the Star Wars theme a la Bill Murray. Also put out veggies and dip because I don’t know how much longer I can last without nibbles to take the edge off.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do NOT Try This At Home

So, His Awesomeness and I are big honking geeks. We like it that way. Last summer, we decided that it would be cool to watch all 6 Star Wars films in order. 1-6 Phantom Menace through Return of the Jedi. That way the whole thing has a happy ending.

Of course we couldn't just watch them over the course of several nights. Oh no. That would've been reasonable. We decided that we needed to do it all in one day and invite people over and have a party. What with that whole wedding thing in November, it wasn't practical to do it right away. This past Saturday, we did it.

We started at 10 AM by ourselves (the one completist who was going to join us had a death in the family) and continued on until almost midnight. I documented the entire thing live blog style. I didn't actually live blog because I didn't think anyone would actually care that much. I'd just start posting it the following day.

Um, yeah. That was before I knew what 14 hours of Star Wars would do to me. I developed a headache at some point and the next day, I was completely exhausted. I was so worn out from spending the day on the couch watching TV that the only thing I could do was watch TV.

My notes run 11 pages, so I'll be posting them one film at a time. Brace yourself.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stupid Tuesday

I re-registered to vote a few weeks ago, so I'd be able to vote near my current apartment instead of the old one. His Awesomeness was automatically re-registered after we moved. Hmph.

So then we discover that our polling place is .9 miles away and nowhere near anywhere we ever go. There's a bus that we can take to get there, but it's nowhere near the subway, so we can't really vote on our way to or from work.

Add to that my class after work on Tuesdays and I had decided not to vote even though I have a pet peeve about non-voters. Doing voter registration and having to listen to the stupid reasons people give for not voting only made me want to smack them more.

On Monday, when I mentioned this at work, I got hit with a load of peer pressure and since my boss would be OK with me coming in late and making up the time later, I decided to join HA in voting before work.

To save time, we left without having breakfast or caffeine. We took the bus. We voted. We missed the bus on the way back. As we waited, 4 buses passed us going in the opposite direction. The bus came, we took it back past our apartment to the 7 train. Where we encountered a signal problem delay. During which I realized that I had a 10 AM meeting during which I would not be able to eat breakfast.

I made it in at 9:45 and was able to inhale a bagel pre-meeting and drank coffee during the meeting. If I had gotten breakfast at the deli downstairs instead of from the coffee cart by the subway, I never would've made it.

And? While waiting for the bus, I finally thought to ask HA who he voted for. And discovered that we had each voted for a different front runner, thereby canceling out each other's vote. That's right folks, I didn't have to go through that whole fuss today to go vote. All I had to do was convince HA not to vote and it would've all come out even.

He has been temporarily renamed Vote Canceler.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gee Thanks, Harlot

Last week, the Yarn Harlot posted a link to a ridiculously addictive game called Flight of the Hamsters. Mayhap everyone's favorite enabler has gone a mite too far this time.

It's my own fault, really. I should've known better than to try it. I have an addictive personality. In college, I briefly considered founding Tetris-players Anonymous.

Every time I sit down to write, I play a couple of games to help myself focus. Yes, that's it, focus. But then I need a few more games because I'm not happy with my score. This is why I don't own a game console.

Knitting is addictive, but at least I'm making something. But this? I may need to cut myself off. Having a lower high score than the Harlot is no reason to keep wasting time. (At last report, she was up to 633. I'm up to 470.)

What I really want to know is: has anyone else managed to launch themselves into outer space? Or is that just me?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Just a Quick One Today

The Hunger Site

Remember them? Once upon a time in 1999 I'd visit them every morning. I've slacked off in recent years and now I hear they're having trouble getting enough people to come.

If you're not familiar with the site, you click on a link and their sponsors donate to them. The ads are not obnoxious and they feature some interesting products and gifts.

Go check it out. And while you're there, visit the tabs for The Rainforest Site, Breast Cancer Site and so on. It's too easy not to.