Friday, February 29, 2008

Blankie Friday

Some of you knitters out there may have seen the epic blanket project that The Heathen Housewife has been working on for the past year and a half. I first found her blog when the Yarn Harlot passed along a request for people to send along leftover sock yarn so Shelly could continue working on the blanket after she ran out of her own sock yarn leftovers.

And today Shelly is unveiling the finished blanket. It was a huge effort for her and it's so pretty and colorful and inspiring, even though I doubt I'll ever end up with enough scraps of the same kind of yarn to do something similar. Though I'm saying this before I've dived into learning how to knit socks, which will be happening this year.

I've actually been torn between the idea of knitting all my socks toe up, so that there's no leftover yarn, or deliberately leaving leftovers so that I could make a scarf or blanket or whatever out of the leftovers. I've also been torn between the idea of coming up with a project to use up the leftovers on non-sock yarn that I do have and the idea of having lots of leftovers for when I need to add a little edging or something. Overthinking much?

So go visit Shelly and look at her amazing blanket.

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