Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back

7:31 We watch the episode of the muppet show with very special guest stars, the Stars of Star Wars Yea!!!! I finally get the chance to show everyone that I can gargle gershwin. I can't bring myself to be embarrassed about that.

7:57 We start The Empire Strikes Back and I think: oh dear god here comes another one.

8:07 I wonder aloud how the snow monster got luke’s feet stuck to the ceiling of his ice cave. Mike says that the monster licked his feet and stuck him to the ceiling. It seems so obvious now.

8:14 while googling to see where the hoth scene were shot, we discover wookiepedia. It's stuff like this that makes me unashamed to know how to gargle gershwin.

8:26 hello at-ats! Back in teh day, the AT-AT toy cost $60 and this is in 1980 prices. My little brother wanted one in the worst way. My mom refused to spend $60 on a piece of plastic. (Parents just don't understand.) That summer, my brother was riding his bike when he was hit by a car. He was unhurt, but in the Emergency Room, my mom begged him to be OK. She would give him anything he wanted if he would just be OK. He flashed his baby blues at her and said, "Can I have an AT-AT?" She bought it for him rather than go back on her word. Come to think of it, a few years later, I was hit by a car and hurt quite a bit and all I got was arthritis in my knees, surgery to repair a broken facial plate and a new profile. I may need to have a word with my parents about this. I should at least be able to get a Barbie Dream House out of that.

8:34 Am feeling hot and headachy. It may be from the heat of the laptop or it may be from star wars overload. The millennium falcon escapes and I contemplate how humans were not meant to watch movies for 14 hours in a row. 10 and a half down, 3 and a half to go. Oh dear god.

8:43 the millennium falcon enters an asteroid field and everyone makes me look up when the asteroids video game was created (1979 arcade, 1981 atari 2600)

8:45 grover I mean yoda makes his big entrance

8:54 dead obiwan speaks and everyone is silent. That Alec Guinness sure kicked ass.

8:58 this is no cave.

9:06 I always wondered what balancing yoda on his foot was supposed to train luke for.

9:10 luke complains that he can"t raise his xwing from the swamp with the force. One and a half movies in and he’s still a whiny little bitch.

9:31 this whole carbon freezing thing sounds like a bad idea.

9:38 aw jeez another lightsaber battle. I remember analyzing this scene like crazy for evidence of whether or not vader was lying about being luke’s father. My brother thought he was lying and I believed him. We actually read a review of jedi with spoilers because we couldn’t wait two days more to find out.

9:42 oh look jedis fighting somewhere perilous, who would have ever guessed?

9:47 3po is a whiny bitch too, but I kinda expect it from him.

9:57 it’s almost over and I get a second wind. It helps that my headache is going away.

9:59 notice in the closing credit that lucas didn’t write the script. no wonder the dialogue was so good.

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