Saturday, February 23, 2008

Revenge of the Sith

When we saw this one in the theater, the film ended and I said, "Apology accepted, Mr. Lucas." So I wasn't dreading this one as much as the previous two. But this is also when we started drinking, so keep that in mind as well.

OK, so time for Revenge of the Sith aka the prequel that doesn't suck as much.

Behold the crowds that had gathered by this point:

And the lovely snacks we had put out to sustain us:

3:11 Revenge of the Sith. It’s all uphill from here. I don’t care what you haters say. this a good movie.

3:16 it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. We make ourselves gin & pomegranate juice.

3:17 Realize that we should’ve been taking a drink every time someone said "I’ve got a bad feeling about this."

3:18 the wheezing droid guy shows up. I hear this all makes much for sense if you watch the clone wars cartoons first. Next a-thon will be ep. 2 (if we can bear it), then both seasons of the cartoon and then this.

3:38 really don’t want to sit still any more

3:48 oh boy, yoda is going to visit the wookies!

3:51 hi wookies!

3:56 um, ani, chancellor palpatine is telling you an old sith legend. Doesn’t that make you think that maybe he’s a sith lord? Hmm? Though palpatine is pushing ani’s keeping amidala from dying buttons so much that ani prolly doesn’t care.

3:58 hello wookies! I was going to make wookie cookies but didn’t have the time. Since they’re chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon, we bought chocolate chip cookies and people can sprinkle cinnamon on them. (Note: cookies were eventually eaten without cinnamon.)

3:59 wookie battle!!!

4:03 ok, so has no one noticed how pregnant padme is?

4:04 ok this is cool. The part whee the scary looking alien greets kenobi and is all whisper, whisper, save us from the bad guys, please

4:08 ooh wheesy robot guy has 4 lightsabers. That hardly seems sporting.

4:12 oh dear god, how can palpatine put up with anikin’s whining long enough to manipulate him into becoming evil? Oh for fuck’s sake. Ani hasn’t figured out yet that palpatine is the sith lord. That’s whole lotta stupid right there.

4:14 finally! stupidhead figured it out. And still, he lets palpatine keep talking.

4:17 that’s a good jedi. Rat out palpatine to Sam Jackson. Sam will make it better.

4:18 damn, sam, don’t tell ani you don’t trust him just because you don’t think it’s a good idea to come along to arrest palaptine. Jeebus. Do you WANT him to sit around pouting and stewing until he does something stupid? These jedis really don’t have any sense, do they?

4:22 Sam Jackson and palpatine are fighting. I never thought I’d say it, but I am so sick of lightsaber fights. They just broke the window. You’d think that they’d have unbreakable windows that high up. (Geek aside--according to the series novels, the planet Coruscant is one giant city covering the entire planet. Over the centuries, layers of new city have been built over the old. So not only is the fall unimaginably far, but when you hit the ground, if you break through, there's hundreds of feet more to go. I was spouting stuff like this all day.)

4:23 wow sam just spoke without moving his mouth. That’s some bad editing right there.

4 :29 damn, anikin, the man just sent you to go kill the baby jedis. At what point are you going to stop and think that maybe this isn’t the guy you want to be your best bud?

4:31 ok this part is brutal. Palpatine gives the order and all the clones turn on the jedi and kill them. Some of that force foresight coulda helped, no?

4:32 oh, thank god. Our first guest has rung the bell. This will much less embarssing with company.

4:33 oh, wookies save yoda. Wookies are awesome.

4:34 ani kills children ugh.

4:43 you go yoda! Kick some clone ass!

4:46 the republic will be reorganized into an empire. Jeebus. Re-org.

4:51 woo hoo lava time!

4:54 seriously padme? When someone tells you that your hubby has turned evil and killed children, do you a) go alone to visit him so he can kill you or b) bring reinforcements?

4:56 seriously ani? You go evil to keep her from dying and then you choke her yourself? That’s a whole lotta stupid.

4:57 stop talking and start fighting already! Criminy.

5:00 ooh palpatine vs yoda kick his ass green guy! And stop talking about it so much and start throwing pieces of the senate at each other.

5:02 kenobi and ani move closer to the lava to fight. That makes sense. It's just not a jedi fight if there isn't excessive peril as well.

5:07 jeez is it against the jedi code to stop fighting until after youre not falling into lava anymore?

5:16 ooh, vader mask baby! I cheered at this part in the theater

5:18 vader gets all Frankenstein and screams No! That is awful.

More guests had arrived by this point, and for some reason we decided to watch the C-3PO/R2D2 anti-smoking TV commercial from back in the day. So cute.

On to the originals!

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  1. I liked this movie, but I know I would like it better with one of those cocktails. Yum.


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