Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Star Wars!!!

5:30 star wars

5:34 huzzah! This feels like taking off my shoes at the end of the day. So comfy.

5:37 leia meets vader. That’s it leia, give daddy hell for boarding your ship. We were going to have cinammon buns in honor of her hair, but Trader Joe’s didn’t have any.

5:42 r2 gets shot by the jawas. it’s the cutest thing.

5:47 hi Aunt Beru!

5:49 Luke refers to r5d4 as an r2 unit just when we’ve finished debating if his name was r5d4 or r2d4. It's the red droid. r5 is correct. I don't even have to look it up, such is the extent of my geekitude. ooh. Luke’s a whiny bitch just like his dad.

5:57 hello bantha!

5:58 luke gets his ass kicked by a sand person and the sand person howls in celebration and we laugh.

5:59 hello alec guinness. How much I’ve been missing you. Everyone goes silent the moment he begins to speak, such is his awesomeness. Note to self: Re-watch Lavender Hill Mob and The Ladykillers and any other film he was ever in.

6:00 Luke says obi-wan kenobi to Guinness and the look on his face speaks more than 3 prequels combined.

6:06 vader in the conference room. The acting makes people laugh and laugh. Harold wonders how these guys earned all the red and blue chiclets on their jackets

6:11 the syringe on the torture driod looks like it’s from the fisher price doctor set

6:14 the cantina scene!!!!! I tell everyone about theTales from the Cantina book where there are short stories explaining the back story of every character who gets a second of screen time in this scene. They've done several books like that and they're all good. What's so great and appealing about the Star Wars universe is that it's so deep. Every character, every detail has been thought out. Unlike a certain episode of Firefly where the rich fancy people thousands of years in the future were were dancing quadrilles like they were Elizabeth and Darcy. Sorry, Joss, but there was a lot about Firefly that needed one more revision.

6:17 hi han solo! Hi Chewbacca! Love you, mean it

6:18 david points out that Chewbacca has struck a seductive pose in the cantina while meeting with Kenobi and Luke.

6:19 greedo shows up and han shoots first! No special edition in this house.

6:23 Chewie, get us outa here! This is what Richard Branson gets and NASA doesn’t. As a society, we can't really claim to have achieved really space flight until you can take off with only an r2 unit and a wookie.

6:25 carrie fisher’s accent is English all of a sudden.

6:34 there’s so much less heckling going on

6:41 we look on wikipedia to see if star wars is the first use of tractor beam., it is not.

6:42 harrison ford doing the scene where he shoots the computer panel. He really does steal this film.

6:46 into the garbage chute flyboy! My brother had this playset. With the little foam pieces for garbage and green garbage eatng monster. Love.

6:48 I realize it’s practical to have a critter eat the organic garbage so you don’t have to jettison it, but it seems pretty wasteful to throw out such large chunks of metal. Can they melt it down for re-use?

6:52 we discuss the simplicity of the plot of this film vs. the prequels. There is just way too much going on in the prequels.

6:57 ooh kenobi vs vader. I'm a little sick of lightsaber battles. This battle is underwhelming. No acrobatics. They're fencing. In later movies, they add broadsword fighting moves which look more dramatic. Having spent way too much time thinking about it (and having trained in broadsword fighting for the stage in college), I think that real lightsaber fighting would incorporate both styles, as in Return of the Jedi. Aren't you so glad I'm here to contemplate these things for you?

7:06 when we heard about alderaan we feared the worst. Um, because if the entire planet gets destroyed, but she survives, it’s ok? Shallow, much?

7:07 love these 70s haircuts on the fighter pilots

7:12 we’ve been at this for 9 hours. Sigh.

7:14 I always felt bad about Porkins. The one fat fighter pilot and they name him Porkins and that is not a nickname. According to the books, his name is Jek Porkins, son of Momma Porkins and Pappa Porkins.

7:18 david points out that were watching a movie about guys wearing black and heavy breathing. We all take a moment to absorb the truth of that statement.

7:30 missed the end of the movie due to dinner delivery. Am so fed up with star wars that I don’t care

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