Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stupid Tuesday

I re-registered to vote a few weeks ago, so I'd be able to vote near my current apartment instead of the old one. His Awesomeness was automatically re-registered after we moved. Hmph.

So then we discover that our polling place is .9 miles away and nowhere near anywhere we ever go. There's a bus that we can take to get there, but it's nowhere near the subway, so we can't really vote on our way to or from work.

Add to that my class after work on Tuesdays and I had decided not to vote even though I have a pet peeve about non-voters. Doing voter registration and having to listen to the stupid reasons people give for not voting only made me want to smack them more.

On Monday, when I mentioned this at work, I got hit with a load of peer pressure and since my boss would be OK with me coming in late and making up the time later, I decided to join HA in voting before work.

To save time, we left without having breakfast or caffeine. We took the bus. We voted. We missed the bus on the way back. As we waited, 4 buses passed us going in the opposite direction. The bus came, we took it back past our apartment to the 7 train. Where we encountered a signal problem delay. During which I realized that I had a 10 AM meeting during which I would not be able to eat breakfast.

I made it in at 9:45 and was able to inhale a bagel pre-meeting and drank coffee during the meeting. If I had gotten breakfast at the deli downstairs instead of from the coffee cart by the subway, I never would've made it.

And? While waiting for the bus, I finally thought to ask HA who he voted for. And discovered that we had each voted for a different front runner, thereby canceling out each other's vote. That's right folks, I didn't have to go through that whole fuss today to go vote. All I had to do was convince HA not to vote and it would've all come out even.

He has been temporarily renamed Vote Canceler.

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  1. I think this is a fair and accurate nickname. It could be worse.


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