Monday, March 10, 2008

Almost Blog Stalking

So I walking along the subway platform and saw a man sitting on the bench. I gave him a look of happy recognition and thought, "OMG, it's Franklin!". And then realized:

  1. That guy wasn't Franklin Habit, but a complete stranger.
  2. If it had been Franklin Habit, it would still have been a complete stranger.
  3. The reason I knew it wasn't Franklin is that I think he would've mentioned an upcoming trip on his blog in relation to his photography project. In other words, I knew it wasn't him because he wouldn't come to NYC without telling me.
The truly odd part is that the guy returned my smile. Maybe it was a reflex. Maybe he thought I was going to come up and start talking to him and he'd be able to figure out where he knew this crazy woman from. 

And the truly embarrassing part is that if it had been Franklin,  I would've gone up to him anyway and fawned all over him. And I NEVER bother celebrities. Almost walk right into them, yes, but never accost them. But Franklin, well, he makes some badass complicated knitting that would scare off yer grandma. And that I would not be able to resist.

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