Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Argh Redux

We finally got our internet access back yesterday. And then I discovered that my printer was broken. 5 weeks after the warranty expired. Tech support was useless. It's a good thing I'm not a cartoon character because I would've reached through the internets to strangle George the Technical Support Agent who sent me troubleshooting suggestions that had no prayer of working, since they would only apply to new printers.

It's a Canon PIXMA. There, I said it. Don't get one. According to a site I found, they may actually have a design flaw that only shows up after about a year or so (post-warranty). Fuckers. If this site is correct, then I have a clogged tube buried in the bowels of my printer. The site gives instructions on how to fix it, but warns that you may end up breaking it irreparably in the process.

HA is inclined to just buy a new one. I'm inclined to go along with him, since I have way too much on my plate right now. But I'm also feeling all I am techie, hear me roar while I refuse to be thwarted by a pathetic little clogged tube. So I may try fixing it. What I like about this guy's instructions is that the list of ingredients includes:

Your sanity-maintaining drink of choice

This reminds me of the Yarn Harlot's steps for steeking. They go something like: reinforce your knitting with a sewing machine, take your scissors and cut your knitting without thinking about how what you're about to do is madness, observe that cutting your knitting didn't make it unravel, drink glass of wine, have some chocolate, then continue.

So really, I think disemboweling my printer would be good practice for steeking.

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