Thursday, May 15, 2008


I failed this here marriage test from 1939. Because, you know, I'm perverse enough to take it instead of just rolling my eyes.

On the bright side, HA failed too. But it turns out that he's a better wife than I am because:
  1. he's not a night person
  2. he plays the accordion and piano
  3. he goes to church
In contrast, I'm a slobby, gave up on the guitar heathen.

For the record, I scored an 8 and he scored a 23.

I once bowled an 8. I wonder if I get a demerit for that too.

Reunion update:
Thanks for all the support. I spent an hour on the phone with one of the organizers who was determined to pull a jedi mind trick on me and convince me that it didn't suck. If not for you guys, my grip on reality might've loosened. Our class is only about 200 people, so he's planning on cajoling as many people as possible into going. There will be activities and outings scheduled throughout the weekend, so I may just attend some of those. I may attend the reunion after all if I can get over the doucheyness (and the fact that it sounds like people are more interested in the open bar than in seeing each other). I've asked everyone I can think of and no one has ever had a forced donation inflicted on them. The organizers plan on "subsidizing" the people with money issues so they can attend anyway (the offer has been extended to me). This is a definition of the word "subsidize" that I hadn't been aware of: "not force people to make a donation while making them feel like a charity case".


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  1. Ugh. The problem with the "subsidized" donation is that it requires people to ask for financial assistance and reveal information about their personal economic status that is nobody's business but their own.

    Since your class has only 200 people, can't someone organize an "unofficial" reunion for the same weekend as the "official" one? Say, some sort of "anyone who's interested can meet at X for lunch/dinner/brunch/drinks--you're responsible for your own costs" sort of thing?


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