Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crappy Birthday to Me

A couple of weeks ago my 37th birthday was squished in among working, writing and going out of town the next day. I didn't much care since HA & I had already gone to Peter Luger's to celebrate both our birthdays and I would be getting a nice dinner and some Carvel cake. It was even looking up to be a great birthday because the day before, I grumped into the office to find a card from my co-workers.

But on the day of, the weather was stormy, which meant the barometric pressure was dropping, which meant I spent most of the day with a migraine that refused to be affected by any of the medicine I was throwing at it. (Thanks to some insurance nonsense, I had some migraine meds, but not the magic pills that really do make it all better.) At least I was working from home. But since I was going away the next day, there were some things that absolutely had to get done. I managed to take an afternoon nap and that improved things enough so I could finish my work.

Holy fuck that was a doozy. I was even in pain the next day, though it subsided in time for our flight. Any helpful migraine hints, send 'em my way. I've been taking certain vitamins suggested by a co-worker and they've helped quite a bit.

Anyway, so 37. Today I discovered a site that tells you what other people accomplished at your age.

At age 37:

After four years, Michelangelo finally finished painting the ceiling.

Jersey Joe Walcott became the oldest man ever to win the world's heavyweight boxing title.

Charles Dickens wrote David Copperfield, considered to be his greatest work.

Esther ("Eppie") Pauline Friedman Lederer took over the "Ann Landers" advice column. Her twin sister, Pauline Phillips, began writing the "Dear Abby" column under the pseudonym Abigail Van Buren. They became known for their common sense advice on subjects such as not pretending to be someone you're not.

Opera singer Beverly Sills finally achieved international prominence in a production of Handel's Julius Caesar.

Earl Vickers became the first person to translate the entire Bible into Pig Latin.

Michael Lusher slept through a gunshot to the head.

Playing this game wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be. I used to read Ann Landers and Dear Abby and sometimes they gave some pretty crappy advice. I have not just spent 4 years painting a ceiling just to have it visited by hordes of tourists in fanny packs. And although I haven't been spending years focusing on my writing (or opera singing career) so that I'll be facing huge success this year, I'm putting more time and effort into my writing than I have since grad school (except this time I also know how to sell the damn stuff). And I'm not the oldest person to make this career change--my teacher has a student in her 60s who even took an internship at a publication and has over 100 clips so far.

So I'm doing OK. And I picked up my magic pills last weekend, so I'm good to go.

Coming soon...posts with pictures!


  1. Happy birthday! Was it in June or May?

    Pretty interesting list. And you're right: 37 is by no means an old age to make career changes. The mother of my violin teacher decided to enroll in law school when she was 65! That was 15+ years ago. She got her degree and now practices law!

  2. Happy Birthday, you old person! So I've got 16 months to get all that stuff done, do I? Someone hand me a paintbrush!

    I made my last career change at 22 and don't intend on making another one. You crazy [old] kids today, with your job-changing and wanting to be happy and such nonsense...

    My migraines are pretty mild. I find that Excedrin Migraine taken liberally squelches them nicely, maybe with a cup of coffee. Of course, if caffeine is a trigger for your miggies, then that's not going to work so well. But for me, it works better than any fancy meds the doc puts me on.

  3. I get migraines too -- not barometric pressure migraines, but hormone migraines, so I'm kind of hesitant to suggest any neat tips on how to make them go away.

    I came here via a comment on the Shapely Prose site, and I just wanted to say hello to a fellow migraineur. Hello! And happy belated birthday!


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