Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Back from a long weekend going to a family wedding and visiting the in-laws. After just a few June days in the midwest, I understand central air. (Most houses and buildings in NYC were built before central air was invented, so it always struck me as this weird thing that no one actually needs. Boy, have I learned better.)

I can't quite think straight thanks to the heat wave and massive amount of stuff I have to do and places I need to go. Somehow, this didn't prevent me from falling down the You Tube rabbit hole and finding a clip I've been looking for almost since I first saw it on TV.

So in lieu of any actual knitting content or photos, which I totally have and am going to upload, no I really mean it, I give you Carrie Fisher's speech from when the American Film Institute gave George Lucas a Lifetime Achievement award.

And in case you haven't seen William Shatner opening the show:

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  1. I think George Lucas is overrated.

    But Shatner? He rocks. ON TOAST.


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