Friday, June 20, 2008

Ministry of Silly Walks

If you don't read Antonia's blog, then you had really ought to. I don't remember whose blog first linked to her, but since I've started subscribing to her blog, she's been consistently hilarious.

In lieu of anything of my own to report (aside from a completed ballband dishcloth I made for a work friend in thanks for her putting up with me and my Don Music ways)

Anyway, her latest post has a video (scroll down) of her husband attempting to teach their 18-month old to do a silly walk a la Monty Python.

I find this particularly interesting because:
  1. His Awesomeness will undoubtedly engage in this exercise with our theoretical, eventual offspring.
  2. He already does silly walks while we're walking down the street just to see if I'm paying attention.
  3. College friend and commenter Karl has 2 kids and if he hasn't taught them each at leas 2 silly walks, then I don't know him at all.


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  1. What pressure!

    I have to say that while I have fostered the Python-love (the eldest loves the "He's not to leave this room 'til I come and get him" scene from "Holy Grail", and they both love "The Lumberjack Song"), I haven't yet caught the Silly Walks episode on tv, so I've not been able to share this with them. Curses, BBCA!

    I do still claim my Python status because I can, in the middle of a store, whisper, "Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK,", and get a full-lung response of "I sleep all night and I work all day!"... much to Mom's stern disapproval.

    Do you have any idea how odd it is to discuss cross-dressing with a 6-year old?


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