Sunday, June 1, 2008


Project monogamy and the Log Cabin Blanket do not mix. In fact, any project that involves the same stitch over and over again (say, garter stitch flat, or stockinette in the round) is not a candidate for project monogamy. Because the repetitive motion pain does not care that I'd rather bring this big honking wedding gift on the plane to the midwest than to mail it later. The pain only cares about becoming more excruciating when you try to keep knitting.

By the time I came to my senses and admitted temporary defeat, it even hurt to work on other projects for a while. It was starting to get better, but super-genius that I am, I got my finger caught in the door to the garbage room. It's a big, heavy door and it was a few minutes before the pain subsided enough for me to try to straighten out my hand to see if anything was broken. It's not broken, and since I don't bruise easily, I don't even have a cool photo to show you.

But rest assured:
  1. It hurts like my whole finger should be many interesting and disturbing shades of purple.
  2. It hurts to knit.
  3. I keep bumping it into anything I possibly can, thereby keeping the bruise from healing.
  4. It's my left middle finger, so I can't flip anyone off if my right hand is full.
  5. Ow.

But that's OK because my hands have been busy wrapped around my mouse as I've become an eensy bit hooked on PMOG, the Passively Multiplayer Online Game. It's an add-on to Firefox and I'm still not entirely sure how it works, but I'm a Level 4 Pathmaker and I'm really looking forward to making it to Level 5. Not that I really get anything when that happens, but still.

The major way it works, or the major way I've been using it is just to go to websites and you get points for doing that (hence the passive part). I've also been taking missions. Players create missions, which is really just a way to visit a bunch of sites that you might not have known about. Missions don't take much time and if you find a site you like, all the better.

Is anyone else playing?


  1. Ouch, indeed! Injuries that interfere with knitting are the worst. As are those that interfere with bird-flipping. :)

    I was playing the PMOG for a while. I didn't get very far, though, and ended up uninstalling it last week. For the most part, my Internet time is pretty limited already (at the whim of my three-year-old dictator's schedule), and I just didn't have time to follow the links for that game.

    The PMOG reminds me a lot of Progress Quest, the classic passive game. Ever try that one?

  2. Your poor finger!! Hope it feels better soon!


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