Thursday, June 19, 2008

Steak Soup

Or, more accurately, Peter Luger Steak Soup. The steak of 2 that we ordered actually made 2 meals for the both of us and there was still plenty of meat on the bone that they packed in with our leftovers. I wanted to just pick off the extra meat, gnawing on the delicious bone if need be, but His Awesomeness vetoed that plan of action. Oh no, he wanted to make soup!

So how do you make steak soup?

Well, I sauteed some onions, added some water and then threw the bone in there.

After it boiled and simmered for a long while, I added more veggies, some herbs, barley, 2 cans of white beans and at the last minute decided that it needed some frozen spinach.

And here is the bone, all picked clean.

Sometimes being a carnivore is fun.

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