Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well, This About Sums it Up

Genius, just genius. I wish I could show it to every republican I know without starting a huge fight. I had a good friend at my last job who would get all Bill O'Reilly crazed and worked up whenever we discussed gun control, so we had to agree never to discuss the subject ever again.

But given the opportunity, I will ask people why they think I don't deserve health insurance. Because if I weren't hitched, going part time to change careers/follow my bliss/whatevs, I'd be able to get health insurance through COBRA for 18 months and then I'd be shit out of luck. As it is we're paying for the insurance ourselves (HA works for a small company) and it costs about the same as COBRA, which is so much that it might be cheaper just to pay for everything out of pocket, but the consequences of getting sick or injured while uninsured are too dire to risk it. And I'm still one of the lucky ones.

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