Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Oldie But a Goodie

Some people are a little creeped out by google ads, especially the ones that show up while you're reading your Gmail (the computer knows what I'm doing--eek!) but I just love them. Mostly because they turn up the oddest, most random things.

Such as this article about the world's oldest jokes.

Apparently, the oldest joke in human history is a Sumerian fart joke.

Also? Great name for a band:

Sumerian Fart Joke, playing one night only! With opening act Bored Pharoahs.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion #3

Or, one of the many excuses why I haven't been posting. Other excuses include:
  • I had to go to St. Louis this weekend for a wedding (trip #2 of 3 to Missouri this year).
  • My imaginary dog ate my blog post.
  • I've been crushed under the weight of the blog guilt from not writing up trip #1 of 3 to Missouri yet, as well as the last day of our Honeymoon, which I'm so totally going to do and some other things that I totally need to write about.
  • Aliens abducted my knitting
  • I was mostly knitting dishcloths for a friend (dishcloth cotton absorbs sweat-->perfect summer knitting)
  • And other stuff, probably, I dunno
But, yeah, so I was writing a profile of the director of American Teen for Chelsea Now, one of the free local neighborhood weeklies.

Go forth and see the film. My review to follow, along with all the other posts I owe y'all.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cancel the Red Alert!

io9 has a post about the killer science thingy.

To summarize: the chances of a mini black hole forming is about the same as monkeys flying out of my butt. If monkeys do fly out of my butt, they'll pop back out of existence before they do any damage. And since the science thingy is only hurling particles at each other, which collide in space all the time, then we would've noticed things in space being devoured by monkeys that had flown out of my butt.

So that's a relief.