Monday, August 18, 2008

The Frugal Crafter is Moving!

I haven't done a Frugal Crafter post in a while, but I've been stockpiling ideas and I want to know about other people's frugal crafting adventures.

So I created a separate blog--The Frugal Crafters! You smart types will have noticed that that's plural. I'm hoping to get guest bloggers who have their own projects to share, or who just want to show off their own versions.

So far, I've just copied over the existing Frugal Crafter posts, but more are coming. Come on over and let's make some stuff for little or no money while keeping things out of the landfill. If you have an idea for a guest post, or have already blogged about a frugal craft that I can link to, send me an e-mail at the address in the sidebar.

The Frugal Crafter Mission Statement
A Frugal Crafter is anyone who likes to make stuff and wants to save money by using things they already have. For me, that includes turning to my closet o' yarn and drawers of craft supplies that I've been amassing for years. Bonus points for find creative uses for things that aren't recyclable, but have fulfilled their original purpose. People with less vision call these things "Garbage". I call them "Free Art Supplies".

You can be a Frugal Crafter too. If you make a project you see on this blog, let me know. I'll post about it here or link to your own blog post about it. If you have an idea for a frugal craft, let me know and you can do a guest post, or I'll link to you, if you prefer.

Let's make some stuff!

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