Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I.O.U # 2

Remember way the hell back in December when I was writing all about my honeymoon in Paris? Remember how I detailed every day in, well, detail, and then stopped because, well, because I was having psychological issues related to a swan. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Paris Monday
Paris Tuesday
Paris Wednesday
Paris Thursday
Paris Friday

Paris Saturday and Sunday

Apparently we took very few pictures on Saturday in Paris. It was drizzling out and we didn't do too many photogenic things, I guess.

We breakfasted again at La Croissanterie. I had a cappuccino and pain aux raisin and HA had a Choc'Amande, which was a big, honking pain au chocolat covered in almonds. Mmmmm.

Then we went to the Marche aux Puces (flea market) at Porte de Vanves. We bought many cool things, mostly as gifts. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of this awesome market, but I was more focused on haggling and not freezing to death. I actually talked down the price of a pin and pendant by 15 euros. I was very proud of that. The pin was a christmas gift for my brother's fiancee and the pendant is for me. I just need to make a cord to wear it on. (8 months on, I still haven't--procrastinate much?) We got some pictures for the moms and a doorknocker made of a big old antique key for my brother.

One thing we didn't buy has been nagging at me and is why I delayed posting this for so long. It was a chrome swan with a dozen cocktail picks (fancy hors d'oeuvre picks, you know what I mean) rising out of its back. It was funny and hilarious and just all around awesome. But it was also way too expensive (over $50, I think). So I passed it by. I kept thinking about it as we went through the market and if it had still been there on our way back, I would've brought HA over for a consultation. And then brainwashed him into agreeing to buy it.

But it was very cold out, so many of the sellers were closing up early and I don't think it was sold, but just packed away. I've been kicking myself because it would've been so nice to have something that we could say, "Oh, yes, we bought that on our honeymoon." We did buy a tin of hot cocoa mix and once we used it up, I put the tin to use holding kitchen utensils on the counter, so there is that.

The reason I balked at the price at first, even though people tend not to worry about money on their honeymoon is because I'd gotten laid off right before the wedding. Considering the vacation time they owed me and the pathetic excuse for severance they gave me, it only would've cost them a few days' pay if they had waited to can me after I got back. Worse, the added stress may have been a factor in me getting sick and losing my voice on my wedding day. So that from now on, when I see the wedding video and hear my voice, I think of those jerks. (I'd already known they were jerks and had been considering looking for a new job after the wedding, but my former employers really sank to new low, there.)

So when we got back, I decided that we couldn't continue living without some ridiculous cocktail picks. We've bought several sets on eBay and are picking up more when we find the really interesting ones. I'll show pictures when we get them.

I even found the swan eventually and swiped the pictures from the auction.

You totally want it now too, don't you?

It may even have been the same exact one I saw in Paris, since this one was in France and the dealer could've bought it at the Marche aux Puces. It turns out that it's French Art Deco from the 1920s. The swan is chrome and the red balls are Bakelite. So it's doubly collectible. So it sold for over $130. The price at the Marche aux Puces is probably the lowest price I will ever see this thing going for and now that I don't have it, it's my Moby Dick. I WILL find an excuse to justify the expense next time.

But on the bright side, I now have a vast collection of hilarious cocktail picks. I'll take pictures and share the next time we have people over and take them all out.

After the flea market, we took the Metro to Bon Marche, the oldest department store in Paris. I visited the floor with all the yarn, but the exorbitant prices made it easy to resist buying souvenir yarn. We went in search of a place to have lunch and settled on a Brasserie nearby. We were sat right next to a smoker, which set my allergies in an uproar.

Oh, and we finally have proof that cigarette smoke is worse than smog. I understand when smokers are puzzled that someone would object to cigarette smoke when Manhattan traffic is 5 feet away. But the smog doesn't give me a big sinus headache the way cigarettes do. I don't know the exact component(s) in cigarettes that cause this, but that demo they did in LA proves that it's not in my mind. I try not to be an obnoxious nonsmoker, but people need not to wreck my day by making me sick.

Anyway, this being France, and the restaurant being packed there was no point in asking for a different table. I just sucked it up and we ate as quickly as we could so we could leave. I had a salade poulet, which contained no chicken (poulet) and HA had a Plat Italienne, which was a salad. They are strange and mysterious, the French.

We bought more presents and went to l'Orangerie to see Monet's waterlilles and the rest of the art. After a rest at the hotel, we had dinner at Polidor, which had been recommended to us by the man at the front desk. I hesitate to call him a concierge since a concierge wouldn't have suggested such an unpleasant restaurant. The traditional French food was adequate, but it was so crowded and noisy and smoky that we didn't stay for dessert. (A ban on smoking in restaurants went into effect a month or so after we left.)

HA had pumpkin soup and boeuf borginon and I had lentil soup and veal in cream sauce. And then we discovered that they only took cash and had to go straight to an ATM after we left because they'd cleaned us out. Then, since I hadn't used the bathroom as the restaurant in my haste to get the hell out of there, I ended up using one of the many pay toilets on the streets in Paris. It was my first time in all the weeks and months I've spent there and it was a lot less disgusting than I'd expected.

Anywho, we had dessert at La Luxemburg, where we'd eaten before and had ice cream sundaes. My diligent notes say, "sooo good."

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and packed and went to the airport. We spent the last of our Euro coins on a pencil case shaped like a purple cow filled with Milka chocolate bars. It is currently holding my tape measures because that's how knitters roll.


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  1. Okay, you so missed out on the swan. But hey, you did get a very cool cow-shaped pencil case on your honeymoon!


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