Monday, August 25, 2008


Remember way the hell back in February when HA and I hosted an all Star Star Wars Marathon? I took notes all day and yet fell down on the job and failed to blog the last of the 6 films we saw that day (plus the Star Wars episode of the Muppet Show). Actually a bit fitting, since we also failed to finish watching that last film. Six months later and we still haven't.

In case you want to refresh your memory (although I can't imagine why the hell you'd want to):
The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back

and finally....Return of the Jedi!

10:01 Jedi starts. After 10 hours of his music, I want to strangle John Williams.

10:10 I love how everyone is in on the rescue plan except Threepio.

10:14 Somebody's getting et by the rancor.

10:16 Leia pulls out the thermal detonator. There are a lot of dangerous orb shaped things in this series.

10:19 I only just realized that they never expected Han and Leia to be able to escape on their own after she thaws him out. How else would they have been planning to get chewie and the driods out? The plan succeeds because they planned to fail. Well played young Skywalker.

10:25 You know, you would think that when Threepio warns luke that he’s standing on a… that Luke would step off of the trap door. Jedis are still stupid.

10:41 I feel like I've been watching these films forever. Not in the sense that I've been watching them since I was 6 (which I have), but in the sense that this session has been going on forever.

10:44 Yoda death scene. I even hate yoda now.

10:46 Dead Kenobi is back. I hate this "certain point of view" bs. Kenobi lied to spare Luke’s sanity. He wasn’t ready to hear that info. Just admit you lied Kenobi. He was a punk ass kid--you had a good reason to lie.

10:51 Hi Wedge!

10:57 Why do they insist on bringing Threepio along on stealth missions when he won't shut up? Why?

10:59 Speeder bike chase! Cool crashes coming soon!

11:02 Hi Wicket!!!

11:12 I love how its against Threepio's programming to impersonate a deity. Like someone thought he might do this way back in the designing stages. I can just picture the meeting--"you know, one of the last models tried to impersonate a diety, so we should build in some safeties."

11:23 The last of our guests surrenders. One or two of the three of us has been dozing since we hit Endor.

11:29 We surrender. We’ll watch the rest tomorrow if we dare.

We considered watching it for about a week or so, but just couldn't bring ourselves to try. I'm even a little scared of the new Clone Wars series. I just hope it's not like when you catch your kid smoking, so you make them chain smoke a whole pack so they get sick and never touch another cigarette again. I'd hate to discover that I've developed Star Wars phobia or something equally horrifying.

May the Force Be With You.

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  1. Fun. I went to a all-Godfather film fest once and nearly died. Haven't been able to watch it since.


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